Hi Candice I Have Long Black Hair And I Have Been Trying To


Hi Candice

I have long black hair and I have been trying to curl it using Ghd and hair tongs. Which is the best way to create the perfect curls and is there a brand of tongs (i.e. carmern, babyliss etc) that makes ensures the curls last longer, mine usually flop after awhile.

I have frizzy hair and even when its straight it usually doesnt stay straight for long, after I ghd my hair it stays straight for like 20 mins and then frizz. I am so unhappy with my hair. it used to set until I cut my hair in to the cleopatra style, ever since it does not stay straight anymore.

Also I heard about CHI thermal hair protection and Loreal Elnett Hair spray. I hear curls come out beautifully with those 2 products. Amazon wont ship them down to where I live. Can you suggest where I can get it from??

Many Thanks

Submitted by Nivedhna Singh on 11 January 2012


 Hi Nivedha

I have read about all the problems you are having with your hair. There is one solution that will sort out all of your hair needs mentioned above. It is called the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This will take your hair’s condition back to almost perfect and will eliminate all kinds of frizz. Once you have had this treatment done, when you curl your hair with curling tongs, it will hold the shape for longer without going frizzy.
The treatment makes blowdrying your hair easy and much quicker with NO FRIZZ! It makes it super soft and shiny and it is amazing on ALL hair types.

My preference between a flat iron and a tong is the tong for a better and longer lasting curl. 

MIRRORS hair lab (021 424 3931) has great specials on the Brazilian treatment. Long hair will cost you R1 250 as apposed to R2 500. You need to use a special shampoo which costs R220. The treatment can last up to 5 months depending on your hair type.
They also sell a range of professional curling tongs which range in price from R850 – R1 700. Professional tongs may be more expensive but they do heat up more evenly than many less expensive ones.

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