Hi. I’m Suffering From Stretch Marks On My Upper Thigh. I


Hi im suffering from stretch marks on upper thigh, i have tried bio-oil and it doesnt seem to help. i dont have kids so im not sure what the cause of it is. Could you recommend something to help.


Submitted by Deidre Fawcus on 26 January 2012


Hi Deidre, thank you for your question. Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin with a silvery-white hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis and over time can diminish but not disappear completely. Stretch marks are the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth (common in puberty) or weight gain (e.g. pregnancy) that overcomes the dermis’ elasticity. Although stretch marks are generally associated with pregnancy and obesity, they can also develop during rapid muscle growth. They first appear as reddish or purple lines, but tend to gradually fade to a lighter colour. The affected areas appear empty and soft to the touch.

Carboxytherapy, a new ‘miracle’ gas, is a novel way of treating stretch marks. Heated medical Carbon Dioxide is introduced into the dermis via a small needle. The body interprets this as an oxygen deficit and responds by increasing blood flow to the area. An increase in certain growth factors encourages production of new blood vessels which provides a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area and improves circulation with increased oxygen concentration and long term collagen stimulation leading to a strengthened dermis, a very necessary component of healthy, stretch-mark-resistant skin. After 4 to 6 treatments, the appearance of stretch marks is markedly improved. Carboxytherapy is more effective on newer stretch marks which are still red. These are treated once a week for two to four weeks. Older stretch marks need six to eight treatments at 3 to 4 weekly intervals. Carboxytherapy is an excellent treatment for stretchmarks post pregnancy as there are no side effects and the patient can continue breast feeding safely.

At-home therapies:

Nimue Derma Repair for Scars and Stretch marks. A next generation, cutting-edge, specialised treatment complex for the effective management of scars and stretchmarks, it is based on unique Botanical extracts, Tamanu oil and Peptides in a nanotechnology delivery system via nanospheres to enhance penetration and efficacy. Use in combination with Nimue Intensive Serum for scars and stretchmarks.
Nimue Intensive Serum for Scars and Stretchmarks is a concentrated lightweight serum with Botanical extracts and Soybean extract, in a clinical ampoule presentation used as an adjunct for a synergistic action with the Derma Repair to boost results.

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