I have HPV, help!


I am a 23yr old fairly healthy female adult who was recently diagnosed with a strain of HPV, however, there are a few topics that have me very, very confused.

1. When my gyno told me that my condition looks like HPV, he said verbatim: This is not for life, the virus usually diminishes with a healthy immune system within a number of years. He said it is not like herpes which recedes into the spine and then resurfaces forever. BUT I later called his assistant a day later with questions, and she told me the virus is ‘for life’ but the breakouts will diminish over time. This makes for a very confusing situation, considering I also find an equal amount of both pieces of info online etc.

2. I believe the strain of HPV that I have contracted is considered ‘low-risk.’ It surfaces below my vaginal opening as little, painless white headed bumps that literally fall off and disappear within 1-5 days. This has only surfaced twice in my lifetime in a 1yr time period, and I am in a monogamous, healthy relationship of 4 1/2 years. What types of warts show up one day and disappear the next? Why do I not need to have any treatments for them?

3. My third question is this: If for some miraculous reason my immune system DOES rid my body of the virus, my significant other has it also. Are we going to ping-pong it back and fourth to each other, or will we somehow have some kind of ‘immunity’ to the specific strain we have?

Thank you so much for hearing me out. Getting these questions answered are a high priority for my state of well-being at the moment

Submitted by Andream on 8 July 2015


My recommendation would be to make an appointment with your gynecologist today – he / she will be able to examine you and answer all the questions you have. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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