Question from Bianca


Hello, Is it true that if I change my diet I can be less smelly? I feel like I get quite smelly under my arms despite using deodorant and bathing twice a day. How should I change my diet if this is true?

Submitted by Bianca on 10 May 2016


It is indeed true that our body odour can be affected by what we eat.

The most obvious foods are garlic and onion. Most people will have a smelly breath after eating a lot of garlic or onion, but in some individuals the odour can be picked up from the skin as well.

The family of veggies that broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and cauliflower belong to can also produce body odour, because of the sulphur compounds they contain.

All the above mentioned foods are very beneficial to health though and should not be excluded from the diet.

Other foods that can cause body odour, but can definitively be reduced include alcohol, red meat, sugar, dairy and caffeine. All of these foods can significantly contribute to body odour.

Regular detoxification will have a very positive effect on body odour. If your liver and your gut is working well, body odour will be minimal.



Detoxification –

Gut –

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