Get ready for work – without the stress

Friday, 7 September 2012

Get ready for work – without the stressBeautyHeaven’s BlogStar winner imparts a few words of wisdom on how to look fabulous in the morning without losing sleep.

We all dread that Monday morning, don’t we? Having to get up, go to work, get our face on, do the hair etc, etc. Well, here’s a little guide on how to help get ready for work quicker, so you look great, but don’t miss out on that beauty sleep either.

When it comes to clothes, I like to get my outfits ready at the weekend, iron what needs to be ironed and get the accessories (if you are wearing any) ready as well. Call me pedantic, but this sure beats running around like a mad woman in the morning and trying to iron clothes, wearing that same dress that doesn’t need ironing or, worse still, go to work all wrinkled up. Trust me, ladies, you can iron clothes while catching up on Pretty Little Liars or whatever show you may be into.

I don’t know about you, but I like to wash my hair every day. If you are the same, then what you need to do is get a good hairdryer, section your hair in tiny little bits and this will ensure that your hair is dried quite quickly. Then, run a GHD through it and voilà – you’re ready to go! Alternatively, if you’re not into the daily hair-washing thing or you’re running really late, dry shampoo and a donut bun are your best friends.

Makeup-wise, keep it simple for work if you don’t have much time on your hands. Getting plenty of sleep, cleansing your skin and keeping it hydrated will make it easier to slap on some foundation or a BB cream and your skin will look super-healthy. Add some blush, eyeliner and mascara and finish it off with a pretty lipstick; it’s quicker to add a pop of colour to your lips than to your eyes if you are trying to be quick.

Whoever knows me knows how much I love nails. Make sure your nails are always nice and pretty. If you don’t have time to redo your manicure, at least take off chipped nailed polish – you can’t look polished if your nails are all chipped and unhappy-looking.
These are some of the things that help me get through the week with minimal stress. If you have time this weekend, plan some more. Plan your outfits, make-up, hair, nails, everything! It will make your life easier during the week and you will look good without stressing every morning.

Finally, wherever you go, make sure to wear a big beautiful smile to complete your look!

How do you deal with weekday madness? Do you plan ahead? Do you spend long on doing your hair and make-up?

Written by Jelena, this article originally appeared on BeautyHeaven.


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Megan Kakora has helped launch the websites of, and been the online editor for, some of South Africa’s biggest glossy magazines. She believes in less-is-more, except when it comes to her collection of nail polish colours.
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  1. Angelisha

    Needed to read this again… Monday blues do make it tough to dress up without stress!

    6 years ago •

  1. Agherdien

    Great Article – I’m always rushing

    6 years ago •

  1. BeautyBloggess

    I keep my make-up bag in my handbag (and an emergency one in the car). If I’m running late I can “dry” my hair in the car – yay, aircon! – and then slap on mascara, eyeliner, BB cream and a gloss in the car park before a meeting or work.Not an every day solution but definitely works for those “I slept through my alarm” days.

    6 years ago •

  1. mika24

    I wish I could be more organized :(

    6 years ago •

  1. Noma

    As for my hair, I have a weave on, so I just comb through using my fingers and I’m ready to go..

    6 years ago •

  1. Noma

    I put out work clothes (shoes etc) + iron them the night before and if the weather decides to change like it did today (CPT) I don’t care …as changing outfits will sure make me late for work…

    6 years ago •

  1. Humphreys

    If only it can be as easy as it sounds…

    6 years ago •

  1. Vadapalli

    Awesome article.. I need some serious planning..

    6 years ago •

  1. Maddy

    Great article. My mornings are truely crazy with two boys to get ready for school also, so i plan and layout everything the night before and even what am putting in lunch box. Makes life a bit easier.

    6 years ago •

  1. Chicara

    I work from home, so luckily I don’t have to deal with morning madness. :)

    6 years ago •

  1. Tasha

    Great advice. I usually do nail during weekend, as soon as they look slightly off, take everything off and put on clear nail polish for the rest of the week. Hair, is usually nut so much stress, but makeup takes a while.

    6 years ago •

  1. Sam

    Wonderful article. I often run around in the morning.

    6 years ago •

  1. Charles

    No matter how hard I try, mornings are always hectic – but that’s because I have a VERY busy toddler running around. Oi! This morning was one of the worst! Ha-ha!

    6 years ago •

  1. DIVA

    Thanks for the article, but I change my mind all the time when it comes to what to wear planing for the week becomes very dificult for me.

    6 years ago •

  1. Lady-T

    Not much emphases can be made on Make-uo wise!!! Some women just look like baked ouma rusky in the face!!

    6 years ago •

  1. Zu

    Only BB cream for me… And im glad it is here in south africa, no need to courier it from Asia. Yes thats how fanatic we asia s with BB cream

    6 years ago •

  1. Tanya

    Great article,I like to be well organized to avoid the stress.

    6 years ago •

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