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Monday, 2 July 2012

Help stop animal testingThe Body Shop has joined Cruelty Free International (CFI) to help make our world a better place for all. We caught up with them to get the inside scoop.

So what is this Cruelty Free campaign all about?

Cruelty Free International (CFI) is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to ending testing on animals worldwide for cosmetic purposes. The Body Shop is supporting CFI’s campaign by hosting a petition drive to collect as many signatures as possible. These petitions will be handed to governments by CFI, calling for a ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes.

What does The Body Shop hope to achieve with this campaign?

Aside from raising awareness and actively living our core values, our ultimate goal is to support CFI by securing as many signatures as we possibly can. In the European Union, there is still not a full ban on animal testing, which means this testing continues to take place around the world for products sold in the EU. A ban on all remaining tests was expected in 2013, however, it has been confirmed that this may not take place for another 10 years. CFI is collecting signatures in support of this global ban, and The Body Shop is ensuring that as many people as possible have the opportunity to show their support.

We managed to secure over 43 000 signatures for the Stop Sex Trafficking campaign, contributing to the global total of over 7 million signatures. As a result, 20 governments have since committed to a change in legislation, aiming for greater protection of children. In SA, our government has committed to the implementation of the Trafficking in Persons Bill, essential legislation, which covers law enforcement as well as victim recovery and support. Although these two campaigns are completely unrelated, the success of Stop Sex Trafficking has proven that as a business, we can make a positive and lasting difference in the countries in which we operate.

How are you promoting this campaign and getting the message across?

The Cruelty Free campaign is active in all of our 41 stores around the country, including our store in Maerua Mall, Namibia. Petitions are available in store for customers to sign, and campaign information and updates have been posted on our Facebook page. All of our team members are proud ambassadors for our brand, and are actively promoting this campaign, enabling our customers to have their say.

What is The Body Shop doing to help this cause?

At The Body Shop we do not conduct or commission tests on animals. We source from suppliers who do not test their source of the ingredients used in our products on animals. This campaign is aligned to one of our core values, AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING, an integral part of our business since Dame Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop in 1976. We are proud that our products contain no fish scales (used in shimmer eye shadows), no bug shell extract (used as pigment in a variety of cosmetic products, including lipstick), no clam shell (used as casings for ampules/capsules), no animal hair (used for make-up and shaving brushes), and no animal musk (for fragrances and related products). Our campaign to ban animal testing on cosmetics led to a UK ban in 1998.

Are all The Body Shops involved in this campaign?

The campaign is active in The Body Shop stores in 65 countries around the world, and in SA from 18 June to 15 July.

What made you choose Lily Cole as the ambassador?

Lily Cole is an actress, a model and most importantly, an activist. Lily is heavily involved in a number of charities, including World Land Trust and Water Aid. She also supported our recent global campaign to Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People (aligned to our other core value, DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS). She’s a strong-minded individual who stands up for what she believes in, and as such she represents our brand expression – Beauty with Heart.

Do you think it is possible for all make-up that’s produced not to be tested on animals?

There are numerous alternatives to animal testing, which have been proven to produce accurate results. One of these, pioneered by L’Oréal, is called Episkin, and involves growing human skin for testing purposes. Although over 80% of countries around the world still conduct animal testing for cosmetics, countries such as Norway, Croatia and in 2015, Israel, have banned the use of animals for testing cosmetics. 

Tell us a bit about the Lily Cole make-up range.

The collaboration with Lily Cole on this limited edition make-up range has resulted in gorgeous products that are on trend and cruelty free! My personal favourite in this collection is the Shimmer Cubes, the colour pay-off is amazing, and they can be used dry or with a damp brush for deeper colour intensity.

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Zoe has a bachelor’s degree in motion picture medium. She loves all things beauty and fashion. When she is not writing articles for the latest issue of Clicks Club Card magazine or, she is obsessed with gel nails, lengthening mascaras and healthy glowing skin! Zoe on Google+

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  1. M.Ross

    Love body shop! Just another reason to shop with them ;)

    7 years ago •

  1. mey

    I wish more people would stand up for our poor Defenseless animals – go Body Shop!

    7 years ago •

  1. Sam

    No animal should have to suffer for our beauty. Big ups to this campaign.

    7 years ago •

  1. Anita

    Good Campaign, didn’t realise there was still countries were products were being tested on animals.

    7 years ago •

  1. Angelisha

    Being a Vegetarian this makes me Extremely Happy to know that the products are cruelty free… Blessed campaign!!!! Great stuff Body shop… You guys Rock!!!

    7 years ago •

  1. DIVA

    Great compaign, Bodyshop you have my full support on this one.

    7 years ago •

  1. Charne

    It’s about time someone did something. I cant stand animal abuse. Well done for the people who started this campaign! Keep up the good work guys!

    7 years ago •

  1. The Ferosh 1

    Where do I sign up for this petition,I don’t have body shop where I live!

    7 years ago •

  1. paulina

    Oh how i hate to hear that they use animals to test products on them, it’s so sad really i want to thank Zoe for this article and i am taking my hat of for The Body Shop, you guys really rock.

    7 years ago •

  1. Robyn Bronkhorst

    2 thumbs up to The Body Shop!!!! Awesome campaign and amazing products.

    7 years ago •

  1. Sus

    Great campaign let’s all support them, stop using products from companies that you know participate in this act. If enough people do this and their sales begin to drop, the decision makers in the company may begin to rethink their actions.

    7 years ago •

  1. Mpbutterfly

    Loooovvveee Body Shop and what they stand for! Will always support them.

    7 years ago •

  1. landman

    This is such a wonderful campaign, so glad to know there’s somebody out there who really cares, i love animals and i don’t see why they should be hurt and punt into agony for beauty products thanks Body Shop you guys are just so great.

    7 years ago •

  1. Guccigirl

    I can’t believe that companies are still testing on animals in this day and age!

    7 years ago •

  1. ricebunny

    Have already signed the pledged and the lily cole collection is amazing too! Am in love with the lip and cheek dome

    7 years ago •

  1. Zu

    Let us all support this campaign! Let us make the world more beautiful! Kudos to The BODY SHOP and other supporters!

    7 years ago •

  1. julandism

    What an amazing campaign! thumbs up to The Body Shop!

    7 years ago •

  1. Debsie

    So glad people are trying to put a stop to this.

    7 years ago •

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