Romantic ideas for men

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Romantic ideas for menWhile a grand gesture is great every now and then (you know: the surprise trip to Paris, the diamond ring), mostly it’s the small gestures that make the most impact.

When it comes to romance, many men often are at a loss. Here’s a hint, guys: Do something that shows you’re thinking of her. A Hertfordshire University research study found that women ranked small gestures as romantic because they show men are ‘thinking of them rather than themselves.’

In my informal survey of blog readers, I can verify that this finding is accurate. I have compiled a list of some romantic ideas submitted by women. Men, take note. Here is your chance to become a romantic hero in your mates’ eyes.

1. I find it romantic when my husband buys me flowers for no reason at all. He knows what it takes to get ‘lucky’. Smart man!! – Shelly

What I find romantic is the little things. Dancing in the kitchen in the middle of the day, the coffee already brewed when I wake up in the morning and/or the lunches unexpectedly already packed. The little things that say, ‘you’re special and I love you.’ – WeaselMomma

I like it when my husband gives me a foot massage using peppermint foot lotion. – Deborah

Eye contact. Lots of eye contact. It’s too easy to stop making it. – Lori

100% romantic is a totally clean house that got that way through HIS efforts, not mine! – Los Angelista

I like it when he runs me a hot bubble bath with vanilla scented candles around the tub and the red light on over the tub. – Parlinmom

Every single night my husband makes sure there’s a tall glass of ice water on my nightstand just in case I get up in the middle of the night needing a drink. When he goes on deployments, I truly miss this very simple but meaningful and romantic gesture. – Tanyetta

My husband works late almost every night, but makes sure he is home on Monday nights so that we can watch 24 together. It is nice because he knows that it is the only TV show I watch. I love that that is our show…our hour of for sure time each week! We make popcorn & enjoy the show…together:) – He & Me + 3

I find those extra little thoughtful gestures romantic. You know, the ones that only happen every so often. Ones that make me know he’s thinking of me and that I’m special. – Diana Rambles
10. Romance is when my hubby helps with the laundry or dishes, because he knows that I am tired and him helping makes it go twice as fast:) – Kelli

Sitting on the beach together, holding hands, and watching the sunset . . . perfection! – Kat

There is nothing more romantic to me, than a small gesture. Offer to help me cook dinner. Leave me a love note on the bathroom mirror. Walk over and kiss me, just because. Romance doesn’t have to cost a cent. – Mary Jo

I find it romantic that my hubby cleans up after me when I cook. That he gets up with the boys early in the morning, so I can sleep a few more minutes. Flowers and jewelry are nice, but the little things make romance to me. – Jenni Williams

I love to stand out on our dock and look at the water at dusk with my sweetie. I also love waking up at the lake and having a hot cup of coffee while peering out at the water. – Liv

I like long drives together. The conversations remind me of why I love him so much! When we’re at home it’s different. Daily life keeps conversations to the general stuff, like family, work, boring stuff. However, on those long drives we just talk about…well whatever. – Tomi

Although Valentine’s Day is coming up – and really does call for a slightly grander gesture than normal, it’s the little, thoughtful things done during an ordinary day, that really make all the difference.

This article originally appeared in Mocha Dad

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  1. Riekie

    Sometimes the woman has to initiate, but once the man catches on, he’ll take it further ;)

    6 years ago •

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