Sex and your pregnancy

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sex and your pregnancyThis topic has long been seen as taboo, with more and more women becoming liberal and open about a subject that doesn’t get enough light. For starters it’s ok to enjoy being intimate with your partner during your nine months of pregnancy. Your baby won’t become aware of the activity in any way and won’t become a sudden spy, so your fears of harming him or her can be laid to rest. With the change in your body and your additional curves some may feel sexy and sensuous, while others might feel bloated and unattractive. Everyone feels differently, so if you are not feeling up to it it’s completely normal and you have nothing to worry about. The first trimester is usually the most difficult, but towards the second and third you may feel a whole lot more up to this intimate activity with your partner.

The Spoilt Team has a few tips on making the experience safe for you, your partner and the baby:

You can have as much sex as you like, if your pregnancy is proceeding as normal. But you may not always want to. Your developing baby is completely protected by the thick walls of your uterus. Infections caused by sex are also highly unlikely because of the thick mucus plug protecting the entrance to your cervix. You needn’t be worried about your baby being squashed because the muscles in your uterus and the amniotic fluid in the sac will completely protect him or her from any danger.

All positions are ok, as long as you’re comfortable. You may find lying on your side the most comfortable and this also gives your partner a chance to really bond with you during this time. Oral sex, if you’re receiving, is also ok as long as your partner doesn’t blow any air into your vagina. The air blocks a particular blood vessel (air embolism) which could be life threatening for your baby.

Anal sex is not recommended AT ALL, because of the bacteria it will spread to your baby. Apart from the discomfort, it’s very dangerous and can cause major discomfort especially if you’re suffering from haemorrhoids.

Orgasms can lead to the muscles in your pelvis contracting, otherwise known as Braxton Hicks and it may feel strange or lead you to panic, but this is completely normal. This can also be because of substances in the semen called prostaglandins. This isn’t harmful to your baby at all. As long as the contractions stop within an hour or two you shouldn’t worry, but anything more than that should be reported to your midwife or doctor immediately. If bleeding or any fluid leakage occurs or persists, discontinue having sex. Remember to report any thing out of the ordinary to your doctor even if you feel it’s not important; the health of your baby should always be a priority.

Keep an eye on passing a yeast infection (thrush) onto your partner. This is very common in relationships and can be very uncomfortable if not treated correctly. Unfortunately one of the down sides of pregnancy for women is that 80% suffer from thrush and sometimes throughout your pregnancy. If it hasn’t cleared up or shows no signs of improvement, rather give sex a skip. There are many over the counter treatments that work within a day, but you won’t be able to use any of them without your doctor’s permission. You can, however, try natural, unflavoured yoghurt as a natural alternative if you wish to remedy the situation at home. Also be sure to check you’re routine if this issue persists during or after intercourse.


If you have had a succession of miscarriages, it’s best to avoid sex during the first 12 weeks.
If you’re at high risk for a miscarriage, it’s best to avoid sex in the last trimester.

The jury is still out among experts as to whether an orgasm can trigger labour. So far there haven’t been any conclusive results on this debate, mainly because every woman is different. But you should definitely enjoy this time with your partner, it’s truly special.

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  1. Mpoyif

    It has been my experience that sex reduces the length of the labour

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  1. Anita

    Sex during pregnancy is great, thanks for the article

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  1. Lady-T

    Pity I’m not planning to have a baby anymore, but will surely share with family and friends. Thank you.

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  1. Livvy

    this article is spot on, sex during pregnancy also aids a smooth delivery if you’re going natural.

    6 years ago •

  1. Tasha

    Passing it on to pregnant friends :) Great photo by the way!

    6 years ago •

  1. DIVA

    Very formative, thanks for the article.

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