Lose weight by running

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

BSA reader, Christine West, sent in this question for our experts: I do a lot of road running but I’m not losing any weight. Why is that? And is running on a treadmill as good as running outside?

We asked Dr Duvenhage from Health Renewal to shed some light on the issue.

Regular exercise is a good thing for many reasons. But don’t expect to see the fat melt away just because you run often – on the road or on a treadmill, same results.

It is also important to remember that there is a great difference between weight loss and fat loss. With the first, you want to reduce the mass of your entire body. With the second, you want to carry less fat. About 10 percent for men and 15 percent for women is considered a healthy ratio of body fat. A boxer might need to lose weight before a fight, but most of us are trying to get rid of fat.

Too much cardiovascular exercise can “teach” your body to become more energy efficient. Without noticing, you’ll burn fewer calories every day. Too much cardio also stresses the body. Cortisol levels go up, which leads to increased hunger and cravings.

One drawback of long runs of running at a steady, moderate pace is that you’re only burning calories while you’re sweating. It can help, but you could end up “skinny-fat”. The solution?

Combine the running with any kind of weight or resistance training. After an intense session, your body has to repair and replenish, which all takes energy and burns fat for as long as two days after your training.

Without strength training, cardio will, in fact, let you lose muscle and you’ll end up skinny-fat. And the more muscle you have, the more calories your body needs to keep going.

To lose weight, cut down on calories, do some sprints as well rather than just lengthy runs and hit the weights. Don’t weigh yourself so much, because the new muscle weighs as much as the fat. Rather measure your waist to see the difference.

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  1. Don Doe

    Are there any articles on body shaping exercises. I need to get into those.

    2 years ago •

  1. Sonto Mpele

    am soo goignback to running as Iam on a low carb diet.

    2 years ago •

  1. Mbele7

    thank you very much this was a helpful article , i have started doing some exercises

    2 years ago •

  1. Simone Ling

    I run everyday with my ladies bootcamp and I can say even though I hate running, it has been one of the most effective ways to boost weightloss and fitness

    2 years ago •

  1. Lenique August

    I use to run every morning and it really works with weight loss. But now, all I do is work work work. Thanks for the article. I’m definitely going back to running and making time to exercise.

    2 years ago •

  1. Chandni Jivan

    WOW! This is really an eye opener for me. I usually spend most of my time at the gym in the cardio section rather than the weight section. I thought cardio would help me lose weight more effectively than weight training. I guess this was my misconception. I have been struggling to lose weight for a while now but I have started doing exercises at home using my own body weight and hope to see better results. Thank you for this very informative article.

    2 years ago •

  1. Portia Mathebula

    I’ve read about this before and I didn’t really understand the concept of “Skinny-Fat” till today. Thank You! I’m not a runner so I think this would work for me!

    2 years ago •

  1. Humaira Motala

    As a runner myself , I’ve found this quite interesting and helpful . Thank You for the informative article .

    2 years ago •

  1. Gervase

    How long is a sprint? After a google search I realised that resistance training is actually the lifting of weights which then freaked me out with the thought of barbells! After reading at an article it says you can do some body weight training from home and no need to purchase dumbells or barbells or even to attend a gym. Are there any recommendations for DIY at home for body weight training that BSA can recommend?

    2 years ago •

  1. Daphne Gengayan

    I knew all this walking I was doing was counterproductive. It just made me hungrier at lunch
    So sprinting and resistance training it is then.:)

    2 years ago •


    Thank you for this informative article.

    2 years ago •

  1. neo2

    Very good points mentioned in this article. I learnt a lot.

    2 years ago •

  1. Zubeidah Tasriet

    Interesting article, that’s such a good point to measure and not weigh. One of the first things I did was purchase a bathroom scale, now I know better.

    2 years ago •

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