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Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste

14 Reviews

Sensodyne Repair & Protect is an advanced, new Sensodyne toothpaste that can repair sensitive areas of your teeth. It contains advanced NovaMinTM technology, which seeks out and helps repair areas that cause those occasional painful twinges from exposed dentine.

Price: R39.99
Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies.

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Sensitive Relief


I have been using Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste for the last 4 months and I can honestly say that I see and feel the difference. I have gastric reflux so my teeth are very sensitive and this toothpaste really helps with the sensitivity. Today I purchased the gentle whitening one and am super excited to try it out.

Nomavin works wonderd!

Dimpho Moile

During my visit to the dentist 3 months ago, I had problems with my gums because my old toothpaste would leave my gums swollen and they would bleed so much. The dentist recommended I switched over to Sensodyne. I bought it for the sensitivity aspects and i’m pleased with the results. The tube normally lasts me a month and a half.. the price isn’t too steep either.


Kamiela Abrahams

I could feel a difference the next day, I’ve switched over to this product and wont go back.

Best for sensitivity


I love this toothpaste. Ever since it came out I’ve been using it. It has a better “texture” than the original sensodyne range and it’s nice and fresh. It wor’s wonders for sensitivity. I prefer the whitening version of the Repair and Protect

Sensodyne toothbrush

Beauty Addict

75ml tube with anti tampering seal on tube, white minty tasting paste that contains NOVAMIN formula that releases the building blocks of teeth that is Calcium and Phosphate, the ions form a protective mineral layer to help repair the vulnerable areas of the tooth and after 2 weeks of use I can honestly say my weak gums and teeth do feel a lot stronger and it has helped a lot with sensitivity I can drink Cold drinks and not cringe at the sharp pain that use to shoot through my teeth.It Contains Calcium making my teeth feel a lot stronger as well. I highly recommend this toothpaste to people with sensitive teeth and gums, Sensodyne has produced yet again a fantastic product that works.
– Melinda


Ayanda Mkhize

Sensodyne Complete Protection for sensitive teeth

Packaging: as stated before I love the plump tube which is so handy and easy to use, white with blue and a bit of green to it, attracting and has a white creamy texture and it’s very light too.

I have sensitive teeth and been struggling to find the right toothpaste which will mostly cater to my concerns until Sensodyne Complete Protection came along. I’d feel a bit uncomfortable whenever I needed to consume hot or cold food/ drinks due to sensitivity.
This product doesn’t sting on the tongue and tastes different from other toot pastes I’ve used before.

This product is said to be clinically proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth and it is a dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth offering a range of specifically formulated toothpastes. Sensodyne toothpaste works to relieve tooth pain due to sensitive teeth and provides lasting protection all day, every day when used as directed.

With twice daily brushing it;
•creates a protective mineral layer over sensitive areas to shield you from the pain of sensitive teeth
•strengthens & re-hardens enamel
•helps control plaque
•helps maintain healthy gums
•freshens breath
•helps maintain natural whiteness
•gives a clean feeling.

As advertised: Sensodyne Complete Protection is powered by an advanced technology called NovaMin, that delivers the natural building blocks of teeth (calcium & phosphate) to sensitive areas creating a tooth-like mineral layer over the dentine surface.

Gum recession is one of the most common causes of dentine exposure which can lead to sensitivity. With twice daily brushing Sensodyne Complete Protection helps maintain healthy gums.

So, If you have sensitive teeth, switching to a sensitive toothpaste such as Sensodyne toothpaste can make a big difference in not only your enjoyment of everyday life, but in your overall oral health as well.

I give this product thumbs up and I will surely invest in it.

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