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Ultra Diet 2 Weight Management Programme

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Availability: or call 082 445 1293

Suggested Retail Price: R2 800 for a four-week Starter pack, which includes Ultra Diet 2 Meal Supplement powder, Fibre Max, Gymnema Sylvestre, Lite Seasoner, Uriscan Ketone measuring strips, and the Ultra Diet 2 Hand Book.

Ultra Diet 2 is a complete weight management programme that will reshape the way you think about food and exercise. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Ultra Diet 2 supports your body’s natural ability to burn fat instead of glucose or muscle tissue. Burning fat creates ketones in the body which are used as energy and can be measured. Ultra Diet 2 combines tasty protein supplement shakes, with a simple food management plan to reduce carbohydrate intake, attainable exercise regimes and useful tools and education.

What we say:
‘We’ve all done them; the yo-yo diet, the swallow only bubbles diet, the walk backwards up the stairs, and so we can keep going. What I come away with every time, is that it should become a way of living. Weighing, sizing and counting how many times I chew is never going to stick. But, if I can walk into any food situation and be able to still eat without everyone staring at the ice block and celery stick on my plate, then I am good to go. Along comes the Ultra Diet and I know, I just said no diet. But this is your starting point, to teach yourself what is good and what is not good. After completing the eight weeks introduction, you’ll be set to maintain your lifestyle and know exactly what to do after those big celebrations when things got a wee bit out of hand.

‘The Ultra Diet Weight Management Programme is a safe, well researched programme that is based on the concept of the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF), which was developed by two doctors at Harvard Medical School. Without getting caught up in the detail we’re basically talking about a controlled carbohydrate programme providing adequate protein. The protein is essential to maintain lean muscle mass and support general health.

‘I starting using this programme two weeks ago in conjuction with the Meal Supplement, of which I take four a day in addition to my normal meals as per the suggested food list. The other product on test is FibreMax, which is basically a soluble fiber which means it dissolves in water.

‘My findings are intermediate since I still have six weeks left on the programme but so far I am happy to report:
• I have lost 4kg
• I have had no falling blood sugar incidents
• No cravings
• A lot more energy
• Never hungry
Best of all, this without having done any exercise, which is not ideal but it has been a bit of a stressful time in my life. I’m looking forward the next week where I plan to kick the exercise into action, so watch out for the next report in two weeks.’
– JanieB

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WEIGHT management


I  feel the price is a bit steep, especially for a product Ive never heard of. I like to have proof before doing anything and always ask Friends if possibly any of them have tried something before committing my time and finances. I lost 11kg’s since December. I was not big to begin though, this all through exercise and healthy eating. I used my fitness pal to keep track. The problem with the price is, there so many cheaper alternatives on the market… But I think if it works for some why not :) Beauty comes at a price and we just all pay for different area’s of concern I guess.



The price is a rip-off in my opinion. There is so many more healthy and supportive ways of loosing weight.

Weight Management Programme


I do think it is expensive. Maybe it can help someone out there, but my opinion is swallowing something does not change how one thinks. Exercise and eating more vegetables than other foods is what one should rather do to get rid of extra kilo’s.

Ultra diet


Sounds very interesting, but it is very expensive so I can not afford to buy it.



I firmly believe that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is by working out and eating well. Pills are just a no go regardless of how it is marketed. I have seen so many friends try a number of such products and they’ve always bounced back to their original weight.

My argument is that if it really is so simple, then we wouldn’t have so many people still struggle with their weight.

Gee Whizz


R2800 is far too much to pay for a 4 week starter pack. Starter packs are usually cheaper so I would like to know what the price is of the full packs. I do not have the funds to pay for this and would rather eat a low carb diet with exercise. I have insulin resistance which causes me to gain weight very quickly and this would be ideal if it were not for the price.

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