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Great shadow, average liner

The Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art is truly unlike any other eye make-up product I have used. I prefer powder products when it comes to eye make-up, so I was super excited to try out this cream shadow and the accompanying liquid liner (double-sided applicator).

The purpose of the product is to add some dazzle and oomph to how one would normally do their eye make-up – adding a little more glitz and glam to what would otherwise be an ordinary eye shadow application. In my opinion, the dazzling and bold colours of the eye shadows are more suited for a night time look rather than a day look, or a look where you would opt to go for a more natural and fresh look. I received the shadow with the gold glitter liner and the brilliant emerald green cream shadow.

I believe the packaging is well suited for the liquid contents. The glass tube is great for the liquid consistency of the product. However, the fact that it is placed in a glass tube means that as the product starts to finish, one would not be able to access the last bits of the cream shadow or the liquid liner at the bottom of the glass tube. Otherwise, I think the glass tube is a durable and well suited container for the product. The content of the glass tube are bold in colour and are therefore attractive to the eye.

I didn’t experience the product to have a certain type of specific smell. I felt it has the same odour as other make-up products I have used previously. The product when applied does last throughout the work day.

Being someone who is more inclined to using powder products for eye make-up (as well a pencil eyeliner), I am starting off by using the products cautiously. Which will mean that the product will probably last me some time. I found that the first time I used the eye shadow, I was unfamiliar with the consistency and how much to apply using the dip stick provided, therefore the product did not blend in so great and made my eye make-up look over done (seeing as I did wear it to work). However, after a few tries and some practice, I managed to get the hang of how to use the cream shadow.

I was not entirely convinced or impressed with the glitter eye liner. The liquid liner is slightly more sticky than the eye shadow. The pointed brush applicator does not allow for a thin line onto which one may build to thicken. One also needs to re-apply a two or three more coats in order to be able to see the liner on the lid. But once the liner is visible, it is a brilliant gold shimmer colour and very striking against my medium-dark complexion.

I was thoroughly impressed with the eye shadow itself. The dark emerald green goes very well with my skin tone. The colour is bold and bright, and it is visible on darker skin complexions. What I love most about it, is how it glides on so smoothly and, with a bit of patience and practice, how it blends so well. I also love this as alternative to black eye shadow, which can be very stark and ‘goth-like’.

The one thing I would recommend when using the product, is to be careful if you are a first-time applicant of the cream shadow. Too much will make your look seem over-done, too little, will make it look unblended. And although the gold liner was not such a hit with me, I must say the coordination of the eye shadow and eye liner colours is spot on! The gold and the emerald are a striking combination. Which, again as I had said previously, is a look that is definitely suited for a night out on the town.

I would most certainly recommend this product to that girl who loves to have a great time, the party-goer, as well as that girl who would like to dazzle with brilliant lid colour be it at a dinner party or a get together, this product is awesome.

Great finish, poor oil control

This is an oil-free liquid foundation in the shade Nutmeg, and in all its shades, is made for oily skins. The foundation comes in a thick 34.5ml glass bottle. This I found to be problematic since there is no other extra packaging (perhaps a plastic or cardboard boxing) to protect the glass bottle should it accidentally fall or get knocked up against something.

The foundation itself does not have any sort of unique smell – it has the same kind of smell as any other liquid foundation has, which is neither off-putting nor pleasant. The foundation isn’t too runny. You would still need to use a foundation brush or a beauty blender to apply the liquid, but it isn’t the kind of consistency that would surprise you by running out far too quickly the first time you tip over the bottle.

The product is aimed at providing the wearer with a flawless complexion and a matte finish. It is said to be a light foundation that provides sheer coverage, which can be built up to fuller coverage if needed.

I have combination skin (oily T-Zone), and normal on the cheeks and chin.
The first time I used the foundation, I applied it on top of both my day moisturizer and sunscreen. Not a great idea to apply it along with the sunscreen – this particular sunscreen is oily in itself. Within two to three hours of having applied the foundation, my forehead was as shiny as new full moon! I had to keep blotting throughout the day. The makeup didn’t hold to my skin as smoothly as I would have liked and looked as if it had been applied in a blotchy manner.

The second day of use, I decided to leave out the sunscreen and apply the foundation on top of my day moisturizer. A much better result! The makeup took to my skin fairly well and I had finally got that smooth and silky finish that I like to see. The oil control on my forehead had improved immensely – so much so that I only had to blot twice the entire day!

I use makeup every day, except on weekends. So I make sure I use my products in such a way that they will last as long as possible. Using about just about a pea size is enough to provide me with the coverage and smooth finish I want and need. In a nutshell, how long the product will last is entirely dependent on the wearer and their beauty needs in terms of coverage, occasion, and so on.
Initially, after the first use of the product (with use of the sunscreen), I was not so sure if I would recommend it as a repurchase item. Not because of the oil problem I experienced throughout the day, but rather as a person who considers sunscreen such an important part of skin care. The foundation itself does not contain any SPF so I would want to be able to apply my own sunscreen under the product. This would mean I would have to search for an oil-free sunscreen that is geared towards oily to combination skins. In addition, I am not too keen to layer makeup by use of a powder on top of the foundation. I prefer to keep my makeup light.

With use of a sunscreen, that will help combat oiliness, I would say this foundation is great. It looks great when applied and does not require too much time spent on blending it – especially if you have the right shade for your skin. I love the fact that I don’t have to mix foundation to get the right shade. Nutmeg is on the money!

I would have to concede that the product isn’t great in helping with oiliness, although it’s geared for that kind of skin. I felt and experienced that its oil-free ability was tested and to be frank, it didn’t quite stand the test. So if you do have oily skin, look to use matte products under the makeup, as well as blotting papers if necessary.

Other than that, I would say it is a repurchase item purely based ion the beautiful, silky and smooth finish it gives. Great product that evens out skin tone and gives just the right amount if coverage, so your look is still fresh and natural.

Dr Miracles Conditioning Treatment Pack

Good Conditioning products

These three portable size products are designed to address all of your hair’s conditioning needs. The three conditioning products included are said to be one of the most popular products in the Dr Miracles hair care range. The three packettes (each with about 50 ml of product) are housed in the typical Dr Miracles box container.


I found this conditioning treatment to be the most intense of the three. It is designed to help with breaking and dehydrated hair and dry scalp.

The paste like product is a light milk chocolate brown colour and smells a lot like the Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil but perhaps a bit stronger – a pleasant floral smell with a hint of a medicine-like smell. I had applied the treatment to my damp hair after having shampooed, rinsed and towel dried the hair. Applied to the scalp and the rest of the hair, I massaged the product for about 30-45 seconds, placed on a head cap and let the treatment do it’s magic for an hour.

The tingling sensation was intense. It gave the impression that it really was living up to its name of being a deep conditioning treatment. After an hour under the head cap, I rinsed out the product. My hair felt much softer, stronger and much more manageable even when wet.

This was by far my favourite product of the three packettes. It gave my hair some much needed hydration and conditioning. As mentioned, my hair was stronger, healthier and had such a fantastic shine to it when completed with the Hydrating Oil!


The product is meant to be used as a daily intensive treatment to help with hair and scalp problems. It has the very same consistency of water so be warned when pouring it out to apply to the hair or else it will run down your arms. The packaging is impractical for the type of consistency it is. It would have made better sense to have the product in a bottle – glass or plastic.

I used this product on damp hair immediately after I had rinsed out the Deep Conditioning Treatment. My purpose was to use it firstly, to condition my hair of course, and secondly to protect it from the heat of the hairdryer. I felt no tingling sensation with the use of this product (given that the Deep Conditioning Treatment was so intense in terms of the tingling sensation, it probably did tingle it’s just that I didn’t feel it).

I did not use the product on an everyday basis as recommended. I continued to use it after having washed my hair and applied the Deep Conditioning Treatment; and before drying my hair. Followed by the Hydrating Oil.


I used this product a full week after having used the Leave-In Conditioner, the Deep Conditioning Treatment as well as the Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil.

The product is a cream colour and is of the same consistency as a conditioner you would use after you’ve shampooed your hair. The smell is the same as all the other products. I found this product easiest to apply to the hair because it was not watery like the Leave-In Conditioner or of an oil consistency like the Hydrating Oil. When you dip your finger into the product, it stayed put on your finger long enough for you to apply the product onto your hair and/or scalp.

My best recommendation for use of this product is to use it on wet hair that will need to be dried. Initially, I used this product on dry hair (which you can do according to the instructions on the product) applied to the scalp and hair. The awesome tingling sensation was really great to experience again. But once the crème had dried in my hair, I found it left my hair a little stringy, dry and a bit difficult to manage and comb. I had to apply the hydrating oil on my hair to help restore the manageability of my hair.

I continued to use the product on my hair as I had done previously. My experience with the product took a turn for the better as my hair adapted to the product. This of course in conjunction with the Hydrating Oil to help keep the hair moisturised and hydrated.

I wasn’t, and probably still not, a fan of this particular conditioning product. With (plus Hydrating Oil) or without it, I feel my hair would do well either way.

Dr Miracles Follicle healer Hydrating Oil

Great Product!!

This product is an energising system designed to strengthen the hair follicle and promote faster growth of hair. It is fortified with good-for-your-hair ingredients such as tea tree, jojoba and castor oil.

The bottle is brown in colour and comes in a box packaging. The oil contents are dispensed through a dropper applicator. The bright orange sticker used on the box makes the product stand out – amongst all my hair products, that Dr Miracles box is the first to ‘jump out’ at me. A great way of reminding me an application is due!

The oil itself smells really great – a floral smell. And although it’s an oil product, the consistency of the oil is a little runnier than what you’d expect oil to be. So you will need to be careful when using the product as it has a tendency to run down the back of your head (down towards the nape), behind your ears and down your forehead if you use too much at a time.

My favourite part of using the product is the really awesome tingling sensation you get once you’ve applied the product to your scalp. You are instructed to massage the oil into the scalp for about 60 seconds – this also helps with circulation of blood to the scalp which helps stimulate hair growth. This also intensifies the tingling sensation. I find the almost cooling sensation really calming and feel the product really feeds the scalp and the hair.

Another great aspect of the product is that you don’t get an oil build-up in your hair – which is great for a product you are expected to use on a daily basis. Even after multiple use, my hair doesn’t get bogged under a greasy mass. My hair remains light but strong and shiny; the scalp stays hydrated and clean – creating a healthy environment for hair to grow.

The hydrating oil is absorbed into the scalp quite easily and can also be used on the hair shaft right up to the roots for styling purposes. I, however, prefer to use it exclusively for the scalp – using the product this way also helps it to last longer.

It is recommended for daily use, twice a day. I however, prefer to use it once a day by applying it in the evenings (or in the mornings if I am not pressed for time). And a great product for multi-use as it can be also used for finger and toe-nails in place of a cuticle oil! I have already had a compliment or two about how great my hair is looking – it’s sleek, shiny and even though I relaxed my hair nearly three weeks ago, it still looks relatively freshly done and straight!

Dark and Lovely 3in1 Shampoo

D&L Products Rule

I have been a Dark & Lovely (D&L) girl from the moment I could start relaxing my hair. I have tried other brands from time to time, but have found that the results that I get from D&L are far superior. And the same goes for their shampoo. I think all people with ethnic hair will agree that will the daily maintenance demanded by our hair, the grease and oil build-up needs an effective shampoo that will not only wash away that build-up, but also effectively clean the scalp. And with my hair and scalp’s tendency to get quite dry, I use a lot of moisturisers, oils, butters and conditioners to keep my hair soft, supple, hydrated, moisturised and healthy. So this shampoo does the trick in getting my hair clean and ready for conditioning and other aftercare treatments. Thumbs up D&L… as always!

DermaFix Age Defying Moroccan Argan Oil

One of the best oils I have used for my face

I had heard so many things about argan oil and how amazing it was for skin and hair. I decided after hearing everybody raving about it, to research a little further on this product. And once I was satisfied with the reviews and word-of-mouth, I went out to a health shop in Fourways and purchased a bottle. I used the oil in place of a serum every day and night after cleansing my face and just before apply my day/night cream.

It works just as I would imagine a good serum would. Skin felt soft and supple in the mornings, and refreshed in the evenings. The oil also gives a glowy effect under makeup – but you must be sure to use a little amount when you apply it in the mornings just before you skin care and beauty routine or else your ‘glow’ will look more like an oil slick.

I would recommend it if you are willing to swap out your current serum. The only reason I would swap out a serum for argan oil is the fact that argan oil (organic pure argan oil) is a natural product and has less of all the other ingredients they put into commercial serums sold in the market.

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