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Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub

Not amazing but not bad

I decided to buy this scrub because I wanted something that would gently exfoliate instead of rubbing my skin raw. I use a face scrub every day so the gentler the better.

The smell is delicious and refreshing as others have also mentioned. The beads are truly tiny – I can liken it to that runny, soft sand you find on some beaches.

I didn’t find it drying or tightening at all. I have a few dry patches on my skin that are remnants of the winter weather that is now making way for summer so I was hoping this scrub would get rid of some of that. Alas, it didn’t. It helps to a certain extent but not in the manner that I want it to.

I think this scrub is great for getting that clean feeling on your skin and it does really get rid of that grime left on your face from the day. If you want something for truly effective exfoliation then maybe this product is not for you.

Oh, and just a word for warning to those who break out easily – I had a few instances where I got breakouts after using this (the very thing it is supposed to be preventing) but cannot say for sure if the product was the cause.

Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss


I purchased Maybelline’s Baby Lips a while ago on a whim. Seeing as I had very little knowledge of it beforehand I was pleasantly surprised!

It glides on like a really good moisturising lip balm when you put it on and, for me, that moisurising feeling lasts quite long. The smell is also super yummy.

The colour itself is very subtle but you can see a difference. I’m not a fan of lipsticks in general as I tend to smear it off so quickly so this was perfect for someone like me who likes low-maintenance, low-key lip products.

I would definitely recommend people to buy Maybelline’s Baby Lips and I’m planning to try out all of the colours! It’s the perfect price as well so looking good doesn’t need to break the bank!

Bioderma make-up remover

Most effective and gentle makeup remover there is

I have to give this product a 5/5!

After seeing a well-known makeup artist showcasing the product and reading rave reviews from other mere mortals like me, I decided to give it a whirl.

I was a bit taken aback by the price but rest assured, you get bang for your buck! You don’t use a lot so the bottle can potentially last for months (in my case, about 6 months, I only recently bought a second bottle!)

One of the great things about this product is the fact that you can do a lot with little. Just take two cotton pads with a bit of Bioderma on them, place them over your (closed!) eyes and wait a few seconds. Gently slide the pad away and you will see that the makeup just slides off. I wear waterproof mascara all the time (cannot live without it) and Bioderma has been the only thing that gets all of it off at the end of the day without lots of rubbing or a mountain of cotton pads.

I have used makeup wipes before but they usually end up drying out my skin and I have to use a lot before the makeup comes off completely (and then there is usually a bit left). With Bioderma I don’t feel like I have to go slather on moisturizer after using it. It also feels super gentle on my skin. I firmly believe it must be because there is no alcohol in the product (most makeup wipes have alcohol in them and tend to leave a burning sensation on the skin).

Unfortunately, it is a product that is not easy to find so stock up if you like it!

I would definitely recommend that women of all skin types try Bioderma at least once, you won’t be disappointed. Especially if you tend to have a more sensitive skin type (like me), this product will help alleviate any irritation and redness that other removers usually leave. No more rubbing your skin raw (which you know creates wrinkly skin!) with rough makeup wipes and no more getting only half of the makeup residue off!

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