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Not a bad option

I recently went and bought myself an essence 2 in 1 eyeliner. What I like about this product is that you have two options. One side is a thick line and the other is a very fine line. I also like fact that it is not a pencil so you do not have to bother sharpening it and it is not a roll up stick so you do not have to worry about breaking it. It is almost like a fine liner pen for your eyes which is a really cool concept. It is super easy to use because it allows you to be consistent. The pencil has a liquid finish so it looks really slick once it is applied.

I only had two slight issues with this product. The first was that for some reason I found it very easy to smudge, almost as if the product did not dry completely. The second was that I found the product ran out very easily which was a bit of a pain. However, I still think it is a really good product because of how easy it is to use. I would still choose this pen over a brush application any day. I just think next time I use it, I will pat the line down with some eye shadow just to ensure it sticks extra well.

MAC Lipstick


The past week I have found myself being drawn to a certain MAC lipstick. I don’t use MAC very often because I find it expensive however I make an exception for lipsticks because I love the colour and feel of MAC on my lips.

This week I needed to use a dark purple shade of lipstick on a dark skinned girl. Being a huge fan of purple on coloured skin, I stumbled upon the lipstick named ‘rebel’.

I used it all week and each time, the colour came out just as beautiful as the time before. Since I was using the colour for screen, I needed to reply it and keep the colour fresh often. What I loved about this lipstick was that I did not have to completely reapply it each time, just touching it up seemed to do the trick.

Being able to only touch up the colour every few hours was great for me because I did not waste as much product. Additionally, the lipstick didn’t dry my model’s lips as much which made it a more pleasurable experience for her too. I was really impressed with this lipstick and am going to continue to grow my MAC lipstick collection.

The Body Shop Vit E Body Butter

Blueberry Bliss

I have been a fan of The Body Shop for a long time now. I love how their products are packaged and I love the convenience of being able to find products at Clicks. The products also come in many fun flavours and there are limited edition products which give the brand a collectors sort of feel.

At the moment I am usuing the blueberry body butter. I like how it feels and love how it smells. The cream is soft and spreadible however sometimes it does leave a bit of a residue which isn’t the best feeling. I have noticed however that depending on how dry my skin is the residue feels different. Ironically the dryer my skin, the more oily it feels. I am not sure why this happens but it doesn’t put me off the product.

I love how fresh the cream smells and I find the blueberry scent refreshing and tranquil. I also love the blue packaging it comes in – a bit different. Overall I think it is a good product and if it feels different on me depending on the condition on my skin, I think it will feel different on other peoples skin too.


No hassle results

When it comes to my skin routine I don’t have much patience. I want to clean my skin as quickly as possible and see results fast. Since my skin is super sensitive to EVERYTHING, the products I use have to be as gentle as possible. To make life even more difficult I don’t like the feeling of oils and residue on my face. Needless to say, finding products for my skin that I am happy with is a task within itself.

I have been a fan of the Nivea brand for as long as I can remember. My grandmother used it, My mother uses it and now I have decided to keep the train going and use it myself. When I was browsing through dischem the other day I came across the Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. What made me excited was that being a 2 in 1 product there was already one less step required for my skin routine.

I have now been using this product for a week and already the results are starting to show. I have paired the cleanser/toner with a Nivea Moisturizer and it really is improving my skin! Coupled with the sensitivity of my skin, it is very dry and blotchy. Since I have been using the Nivea range, my skin does not feel as dry and the red blotches are showing up much less than with previous products.

The 2 in 1 cleanser and toner comes in a 200ml bottle which is great because it lasts for a longer period of time. The product is not oily at all and feels very gentle on my face which is perfect for me. I also like the scent of the product. It is not overpowering, it smells of calmness and serenity. What more could you ask for in a scent?

All in all my week with the Nivea skin range has really been a positive one. I have brighter, smoother and moisturized skin. It not only makes my skin feel better but because my skin is smoother and not so dry, it makes my makeup go on smoother which makes my face look better all round. Hopefully, the results keep getting better and better.

Essie Spring 2014 Collection

A ready for summer colour

There is something about a new Essie Nail polish that makes me so extremely happy! I have always loved the way the nail polish comes out. The bottle is simple but elegant and the colour always looks fantastic. Personally, Essie nail polish always lasts longer on my busy nails than other brands which is great.

The newest addition to my Essie collection is an electric blue shade called ‘chills and thrills’. I have been searching for the right blue and this one automatically caught my eye. Today, I decided to try this colour.

I am not a fan of very long nails, they just are not practical for me. So after preparing my nails to the right length and shape, I painted them this fantastic colour.

The pigment in the nail polish was so strong that if I wasn’t a manicure snob, I would not even need a second coat. The second coat, however, just confirmed the beauty of this colour. I decided to accessorise my nails with some white chevron strips and dots.

What I am loving about this colour is that although it is an electric blue shade, it has a lilac tinge to it which makes it feel a bit mysterious. Is it blue, is it purple? Who knows, but I know that ‘chills and thrills’ will certainly be one of my go-to colours for summer!

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