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Tropical paradise


A few year back in 2013 I tried out this product whilst in Cape Town staying at friends for the December holidays. Ever since then I have been hooked. When summer is coming I run to my nearest Clicks to get my holiday fix.

Firstly the smell is soothing, the tropical coconut fragrance, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and makes you feel that you are on a tropical island, sipping on a drink out of a coconut. Even when it’s only a weekend, and I’m using this “Gold” around the pool or on the beach, I feel as though its December holiday all over again.

The product is easy to use, as the spray cap gives the right about of application (lets face it, sunscreen is expensive and no one loves it when by accident you squeeze out too much from those pesky squeeze bottles). The product its self isn’t oily which can be a nuisance, and it leaves the skin feeling soft and warm, whilst giving production.

The other thing I love about this product is that I don’t burn, as with other products this tends to happen. Although this product gives amazing coverage, it is still important to apply it regularly.

Yardley Stayfast Foundation

Cakey, flaky

I had been dying to try out this product as a friend who had recently switched to this product said it was good value for money, especially for the times you want some make-up on, but don’t want to waste your best “go to product”. I went to my nearest Dischem and picked myself up a tube of this “must try product”. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of colours and managed to find the one for me.

The next day, I was eager to try it out, as what is a better feeling the opening a new purchase. I squeezed the tube and a lovely creamy liquid was revealed. I was happy with the texture of the product, it was creamy but not too thick, but also not too thin that it would make me feel “naked”. THIS WAS A GOOD SIGN. For this application I used my fingers, it spread in well, however, I did need to apply a small second coat. However, there was a slight downfall from applying this product with my hands, the product wasn’t easy to rinse off the hands (which I thought could be a good sign, as surely this means it would STICK, my ultimate goal) and it took a few pumps of soap and warm water to come off.

Unfortunately a few hours later I realised my dream had not come true, and I was left disappointed, and still in need of finding the product which would last. Within a few hours of wear, my product had faded. It was however still there in some areas, especially under the eyes and on the nose, but the texture had changed, forming into a cakey looking appearance. I can’t describe the appearance but my nose almost looked flaky. You could still kind of see the product on the face, however, it looked worn out and not as smooth as before.

I didn’t let this experience get the best of me, and the next day I tried the product again, using an application brush instead. The end product was the same (smooth finish), however, yet again a few hours later, the same effect.

I feel that maybe this product would suit those with younger looking skin, as maybe due to being in my 30’s, the product didn’t sit the same.

John Frieda Shampoo

Good product for its price.

Love this product, I really enjoy the smell of this shampoo.
However, I would recommend using it in conjunction with a silver shampoo, alternating between both. As this product, unfortunately, isn’t a silver shampoo which is needed to stop the yellowing effect. I did find that alternating the two helped with preventing the yellow effect as well as preventing the purple tinge from too much silver shampoo.
Overall, I would definitely use this again. Don’t forget to use it with the conditioner for even more added benefits.


Amazing, amazing, amazing

All I can say is this product is amazing. I recently was lucky enough to test this at a friends house. At first, I was skeptical, I mean, really a precleanser, surely this isn’t needed. This product had me eating my words.

Where to start with this product:
The look of this bottle is small and petite, but don’t let this fool you. You really only need the smallest amount of this liquid gold, for a great experience, anything more is just a waste (like I said liquid gold, as it is amazing, however pricey).

The first thing I noticed was the incredible smell, rich, relaxing and unique, I can’t put my finger on the fragrance, however, I can tell you, that I felt as though I was in a luxurious spa.

When using this product you apply it to dry skin, rubbing in until you feel its time to add some water, you will be amazed at how much extra dirt, grime, and make-up gets lifted off.

With regards to the feeling of this product, I would recommend it for those who have slightly drier skin, like myself. This product left my skin feeling as though there were more moisture and oil, leaving it feeling smoother and more radiant.
I would definitely love to try this beauty again, but this time for a longer period, as if after one use I felt this great, who knows what many applications could do.

Kim Kardashian fragrance

Sophisticated, sassy, desirable

Sophisticated, sassy and desirable. Three words I use to describe this perfume.

From the moment I first received my first bottle as a Christmas present from my sister (who I am forever grateful too for introducing my Kim K and I) I’ve been using this as one of my daily perfumes ever since.

The first impression of the bottle is gorgeous, an attractive bottle which captures the eye, illustrating the capturing aroma lurking inside. The shape giving an impression of Kim’s curvy features. Even when the sad moment comes that the product inside is finished, I was in two minds about keeping the bottle.

The smell itself is something even more special. When I’m wearing my Kim K, I get compliments from most of those who I come into contact with, making me feel desirable and sexy. The smell of the deep sandalwood tones give a sophisticated smell, whilst the feminine floral smell (not like that of your grandma, but a more modern, sexy smell) make you feel fun and flirty, making this perfume so desirable.
The product comes in various sizes, and the larger lasting for a long time.
This product is a must try. When I’m wearing it I feel elegant, yet fun, and at the same time sexy.

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