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This is a great product. It is non-greasy and does not make my hands feel oily after I have used it. It absorbs very quickly. It is also very cost-effective. I did not like the smell all that much initially (too salty) but it isn’t a strong overpowering smell so I can live with it. The formula is light and manageable so it doesn’t take forever to rub in. Love this product

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Surprisingly Effective

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product, which I had first heard about from my best friend. “It looks like it’s just water”, I thought as I looked at the bottle. The bottle I liked. It was pretty and I liked that it wasn’t very busy but a carefully chosen clear bottle except for the essential information.

Then I used it and I was instantly impressed. It removed the most stubborn mascara and eye pencil that I had always struggled to remove, effortlessly and best of all, it did not burn my eyes at all. It is scentless (just like water!), and did not burn my skin. It is gentle and not a lot is needed. I think it is definitely a must-have for every woman.

Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate

Just average

The packaging is attractive because I like the colours. They are pretty and vibrant. I also prefer this type of container, which can be rolled up and applied directly to lips. It is more hygienic than the finger-application variety (because when you’re at work or out and about you’re touching lots of things and can’t always wash your hands before applying, unless you have hand sanitizer in your bag). It also allows for quick and easy application.

The smell of the lip-balm is very fruity and citrusy. I prefer strawberry and cherry smells, but I don’t necessarily dislike the smell.

Upon application, it feels smooth like butter on my lips, but it doesn’t feel like it absorbs into my lips. It just stays on the surface and my lips still feel dry underneath. I also found that I had to apply a lot of the product at a time, and even though I do have dry lips generally, Its more than I apply when using other lip balms.

It gives a glossy shine, but doesn’t last long before I need to re-apply.

Overall, I didn’t dislike the product, but I wasn’t wow-ed by it either.


Best hair straightener ever

I have nothing but praise for this styler.
It heats up very quickly
It is very light-weight and therefore easy to handle.
Love that the cord is long enabling freer movement.
I can enjoy peace of mind because of the clever feature where the styler will go into sleep mode after 30minutes of being on but stationary.
More peace of mind since it comes with an authenticity check and a two year warranty (upon quick and easy registration).
You only need a two point plug, not specifically the round two point plug.

Hydration Essentials Facial Gel

Silky Skin

This facial gel came in the prettiest glass jar which I am going to keep long after the product has been used up because of its cuteness. I used it every day after using the face wash of the range. It made my skin feel very soft and was velvety smooth to apply. Just a little goes a long way and the glass jar makes it very easy to have control over how much product you use at a time.

The box also said it can be used as a gel for supple skin. I wasn’t a fan of using it as a gel because it doesn’t dry so that you can peel it off, you have to rinse off the gel afterwards. It would have been more convenient had it been peel off instead of rinse off.

It smells refreshing and is a lovely consistency. It also absorbs into the skin very easily and really does make your skin feel soft and smooth.

Hydration essentials facial cleanser

Refreshing and cleansing

This facial cleanser states that it is suited for normal to oily skin. I liked the packaging because it allows me to squeeze the amount of product out that I want at a time and is sealed tightly preventing spillage. The colours used on the packaging are blue and white which I liked because they are colours associated with water and cleanliness.

The smell of the formula is refreshing but not overpowering. It doesn’t smell like any fruit or flower to me, but just a very clean kind of smell. The formula comes out of the bottle easily and I like that it lathers easily with the water.

Using on my skin definitely makes me feel like all the dirt is being removed very gently. I prefer to use the cleanser with the facial cream than without because without, my skin feels a little dry.

It doesn’t keep oiliness at bay as well as the Johnson’s Oil Control range, even though the packaging says it is suitable for normal to oily skin. If I had to choose between the two cleansers I would choose the latter.

However, it is a cleanser that makes my face feel very awake and clean and it never burned my face.

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