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Let it rain Roses

I am a perfume collector. My collection at any one point has about 20 different scents that I use on a daily basis. My favourite Rose scent is Evelyn Rose by Crabtree and Evelyn. The roses for this perfume come from a custom rose garden cultivated by this brand for this exclusive perfume.

Rose scents for me are the pinnacle of femininity. I have about five different rose notes from various brands and the Evelyn Rose is by far right at the top of this list. A well balanced rose perfume is strong but not overpowering. It is a treat but not too sweet. It says “I am a woman” in bass not falsetto.

This perfume works for both day and night but I do prefer wearing it at night because it is not light. It is a more substantial and complex scent. It blends beautifully on the skin and lingers.

If you enjoy a rose scent then this will be well worth your while.

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady

Mac Strobe Cream

Under not over

I love make-up and I LOVE Mac make-up. When the strobe craze was doing the rounds I was not on the bandwagon. Still, if it is there then I will eventually get around to trying it out. Mac strobe cream is a tough cookie to crack.

The product is intended for a slight shimmer, lift or highlight. It is best used either under a moisturiser or mixed into your foundation. It cannot be used over any product. It is an under not over application.

If you are looking for a minimalist look with a slight shimmer or highlight then you may love this product. Do not ever attempt to use it over a foundation. The cream forms a film that will look unsightly if it is used over foundation.

Used under a foundation the product disappears. Mixed into a foundation you may get a slight highlight. But not enough to pack any kind of punch.

Silk Helmet Lady

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Moisture Mask

I recently tried this mask and I fell in love. Unlike most masks this is a leave on. You apply the mask and let it sit on your face. You then gentle massage it and you can wipe off the excess if needed but the mask stays on.

Masks are typically anti-oxidants that are rinsed off and would give a soft feel immediately post treatment. This product though is much more than that.

It leaves the skin looking radiant and feeling brand new. it worked well as a base under my make-up and the effect lasted much longer than I expected.

The Rose scent is soft and pleasant. The cream is smooth and absorbs so well. This is a worthwhile add to a face regime. I cannot emphasise enough the quality of Sisley products. It is a high end product but the results are well worth the expense.

I used this product with the Sisley cream cleanser followed by the exfoliant (another amazing product).Treat yourself to something amazing. Try this product.

If you have sensitive and or dry skin and looking for something to give your skin a spoil then this is the product for you.

Lots of Love Naturally for this one
Silk Helmet Lady

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Extra Cream 24H

In The Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a professional spa skincare brand based in Italy focussed on natural ingredients. I tried the “Hydramemory extra cream 24h” a face cream specifically for my dry skin type.

The packaging is typical of a high quality spa product. In brief the product packaging is a shimmering pastel blue. The 50ml product is a round container with a screw lid. The information on the packaging is concise, complete with all essential product specific information and the manufacturers details. The consistency is typical of a smooth white face cream with a subtle nose.

Product claims:
Contains a combination of ingredients to revitalise the moisture levels and that it won’t clog pores.
“rich and exceptional long-lasting hydration for very dehydrated skins”

Product Performance:
I have three measures for face cream. First, the feeling of a product on my skin post cleansing. Second, the way it wears under my make-up. On both these counts this product faired exceptionally. Finally, product performance under different weather conditions. During the trial period of mid December to early January I used the product during a relentless highvelt heatwave and a North American winter and under both these extreme conditions the product faired satisfactory.

My recommendations for this product are that it works well with dry and sensitive skin. It is well suited for those over 30. I would buy this product.

In Control Anti-Proof Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner

Sweets in Tubs

My overall experience with Aunt Jackie’s products are that they are ok.

Aunt Jackie’s products are pitched at curly hair consumers and in my opinion the products performances are fair given their prices. They are available at a variety of retailers both online and at selected Clicks stores.

I have tried the entire range of products and they work fine. The shampoo is decent. The detangler, conditioner and curl custard worked as expected. The detangler and conditioner however work better together than they do alone. In my opinion they should just be added together instead of being separate. The detangler is very light and alone it does not have enough slip to really ease detangling a head of tight coils. The curl custard will help to set curls.

However, the fragrances in these products are very sweet. They have very strong floral perfumes and caramel tones. If you enjoy sweet scents then these are the products for you.

These products made it to my entry level list due to their ingredients and overpowering candy scents. I prefer haircare products as natural in origin as possible while still being able to give decent results.

Overall it is an ok hair regime that will do the basics.

Love naturally
Silk Helmet Lady

MAC Heroine

Great Summer Colour

Mac Heroine is a very cool change to make in your lipstick pile. As can be expected it is true to Mac quality. This colour is definitely loud and dauntless.

It calls for a fearless attitude because your pout will become a lot more apparent. Some cosmetics can blend in and stay quietly in the background. Heroine is not the silent type. It screams look at me! It will attract plenty of attention so be ready to be admired.

This colour is atypical in that you can work it a few different ways. Some colours can be blended into your face and work as a background with the rest of your make-up. This one jumps to the front and so if the colour is not a natural fit for your skin then you can blend it with something else in close proximity to your face. Such as a headband or earnings or even a complementary eye shadow. You may need to play around a bit with some accessories or clothes to find a perfect fit.

Mac Heroine works really well with either very pale, darker olive skin tones as well as darkest skins. If you are somewhere in the centre you may need to work it a different way.

Its a great way to pop some colour into your Summer wardrobe. I dare you to go to a mac counter and to try Heroine. It is such a fun shade. It is almost equivalent to going blonde from being brunette. It is not on my go to list but it is well worth the change.

With a bold colour such as this one you want to have some sort of base of cosmetics to balance the colour. So do try it when you wearing other basic make-up such as perhaps foundation and eyeliner. Alone it can be a bit bright.

Still, I dare you to try it. It is a very different experience.

Love Naturally

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