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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

My Cleansing Journey….

The new micellar cleansing water has been designed for normal to sensitive skin.
The directions are that you should simply apply Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to a cotton pad and wipe across your skin for gentle and efficient cleansing > no scrubbing / rubbing mind you, are enough to make me jump and break into song!

I was very much eager when it hit South Africa as the rants really got to me. At that time, I had to go from one Clicks shop to another as it was still not wide spread. When I finally found it, I was so excited that I bought it as a gift for a friend who loves makeup but has extremely sensitive skin.

I then also bought myself a lot of cotton as I thought with all the makeup on my face, I am going to really need cotton upon cotton. To my very surprise, I removed a full face of makeup using only 2 facial pads > that included all the mascara my eyes had to bear. That goes for eye makeup, blush and lipstick too!

I have been impressed since! Yes all the foundation and BB creams off with no problem.
Now what about my usually dry skin? I was left with no dryness and no reaction at all. The moisture left on my skin felt as if I immediately moisturized after use. The only issue that came with that, is that I felt slightly sticky. I thought since it was the first use, my skin would react differently in times to come. Well I still get that sticky feeling to date (I been using it close to 2 months now), but the feeling thereof goes away within minutes.

A little amount goes a long way, almost so long using it, I am not anywhere close to getting half way with the bottle. Less water is used that before to cleanse my face (my part for saving much needed water). My cotton is still so plenty too…

I had to learn over time though, NOT to rub or scrub when using it. It is gentle and it does most work for you without much laboring. I have converted my dear hubby, he now has his own bottle (no he does not use makeup) and loves using it to cleanse his face thoroughly especially when he imitates my pamper sessions.

Use it for a refreshed feeling whether in the morning or night, or even once a day. Harsh makeup removers and lingering skin impurities, are a thing of yesterday from now on.

Mac Candy Yum-Yum

Are My Candy Lips are Yum Yum?

Not long ago I bought MAC Candy Yum Yum > a strikingly neon pink lipstick with a matte finish.
I heard from many who didn’t like the feel and the smell of Candy Yum Yum, I can imagine that it’s quite disappointing if you spend so much on a lipstick you’re not going to use. With this in mind, I bought one because the colour was really attractive for me and I trusted MAC with my lips.

My journey has thus been: Candy Yum Yum has a matte finish, as a result it feels fairly dry. However, because of this it stays on all day. Despite the wonderful matte color, this lipstick isn’t suitable if you suffer from dry chapped lips. You won’t look charming if you have a lot of dead cells, it is advisable that before using Candy Yum Yum, be wise to use a lip scrub.

If you’re more concerned about the colour and don’t care whether it has a matte or shiny finish, MAC Candy Yum Yum is your friend. But if you are looking for a softer feel with a shine regardless of the last it may or not have, then another brand will win your heart.

Vichy ProEVEN Advanced Daily Dark Spot Corrector

Vichy Spot Corrector – Yay Or Nay?

It contains antioxidant complex that corrects appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone leaving skin fresh and moisturised for 24 hours >> This promise made in a tube of 30ml.

I have dark spot and uneven tone which are darker around my lips, especially in winter.

The first thing I noticed is its watery thin feel and wondered if that is positive or not. It has a sweet smell that fades away after application. The tube is portable with a cap an easy handling.

After first application, I noticed that a little went a long way; it covered both face and neck well. It is light and absorbs with excellence leaving skin with a lot of moisture and a youthful glow.

After a few days, I excitedly noticed the spots were lighter and my face tone coming together. After a week, I entered confidence mode and stopped applying makeup foundation. I reasoned that as positive results were showing, I should allow it sole dominion on my face for it to work further (the cream can be used with other moisturizers /makeup).

3 weeks later, it is winning the dark spot battle. I am lighter in complexion with noticeable evened tone, even as I take photos under high light. For the first time in a while, I have been leaving the house without makeup!

I will be continuing with this product definitely although I don’t like that the cap spills the product should an incident of squeezing the closed tube happen, and it is expensive given it is a high end product.

Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

My Lancôme journey

My journey began with a very high expectation coupled with excitement…
This high-end serum got my office talking (men included) as I went around demonstrating a miracle in a midnight blue bottle.

Lancôme has sold to us a dream in a bottle, claiming that this heavily advertised serum is “more than a wrinkle corrector” as it aims to address concerns of large pores, marks, and uneven skin tone. The claims are enticing and made me curious. With a skin that needed a miracle, I dedicated a month committed to its daily use.

When I first applied this product, I thought my skin looked great! Even when I woke up the next day, I thought my skin looked clearer and more luminous. However, I wanted to see the unevenness gone more than I wanted to see just “great” skin. It works like a primer because it smooths over the skin (it must be the silicone in it) and includes mica, which illuminates skin.

This has a silky texture, just like most serums, and of course has a slight fragrance – I like that.

Target Areas:
– Forehead and around the mouth > uneven tone
– Cheeks > large pores

– Silky texture makes skin look smooth, while the mica adds subtle radiance (even though shine is not skincare)
– Effectively moisturizes thus no need to supplement with a moisturizer
– Lighter skin tone
– Smaller pores.

– Expensive
– It took a while to see impressive results.

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