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Eyes wide open!

For me, a mascara tube doesn’t say much, with many not fulfilling its promise! Here’s the lowdown:

I have very sensitive eyes, being a long term contact lens user with some allergies playing out from time to time, hence a very choosy mascara judge. Being tested by an ophthalmologist, I felt comfortable testing the L. O. V Fan effect mascara!

Looking at the slim, yet understated and inconspicuous tube was quite easy on the eye. A quick glance on the design of the brush inside was quite simple with bristle size on the smaller side whilst firm and sturdy.

The bristles are asymmetrical as mentioned on product description; a real plus for the even application that I experienced. The bristles managed to catch the smaller lashes quite easily, as they were well positioned! What I liked the most of the brush was that the mascara is not wasted and clumped together clinging to the brush, with a load of mascara sticking to your eyelashes. It made application easy, as I did not have to capture my entire lashes, merely half the length worked beautifully at enhancing my lashes, and creating the promised fan effect; the result being a gorgeous ‘eye opening’ effect!

The mascara formulation impressed me because the consistency was not thick, this again maintaining an even application. Although skeptical of an added mystery special ingredient used to create the fanning effect, I’m definitely convinced! I found it great that this ingredient was tolerable and suitable for my sensitive eyes, with no allergic reaction acting out.

It is definitely a long-wearing and waterproof product – lasting all day. It cleaned off easily with some make-up remover.

This product is worth the price, real value for money as one sweep through my lashes was effective enough. This makes it a product go a long way! It is widely accessible at Dischem stores, together with other L.O.V products, which you can try to find your perfect look!

LOV at first sight!

Found this product a must for maintaining perfect brows!

I found the packaging very plain, simple and elegant. The container is very sturdy and well protects the amazing contents. I loved the inside mirror with basic guidelines for easy application. It’s also great that this can be removed for a better mirror view. The inside layout of make-up is very well placed, making it easy to follow the steps to perfect eyebrows. The double-sided brush included is designed for easy application. Although I liked the application side, an additional small soft-tipped applicator could allow for a more even application. I really loved the brush end of the applicator, as it really provides a natural finish to beautiful brows.

I found the wax for step one to gorgeous brows really awesome and useful, for both easy application of powder, and also for enhancing specific parts of my brows. It really has staying power prolonging make- up all day. Using the wax with the brush side of the applicator prior to powder allowed for a great guideline to powder application, as well as acting as a good brow gel.

At first glance, I was slightly disappointed with step 2 that a black powder was not included which I usually use, but I was really happy with results using the included colours. It’s great that the 2 colours of step 2 can be combined or applied differently for individual use, making it a versatile product. This allows anyone the opportunity to enhance any eyebrow to perfection.

What I liked about step 3 was that the powder acts as an eraser for any mistakes during application. It also enhances the brow area as it brightens it, this works well with a good mascara to give you a great open eye effect.

I found this product good value for money as it included all the little components needed to enhance almost any brows. It provides a temporary alternative to an eyebrow tint and also works great between eyebrow waxing/shaping to help disguise the straggly bits whilst brows are growing out.

It is a great product that I’m super happy to have stumbled across, and am even more happy that it is widely available in South Africa including my region!

Shea Magic!

Great natural product for extremely dry skin

This product was really a special experience, as I am aware of the soil brand (aromatherapy range). I am impressed with the range being a local one, organic and pure ingredients and overall ethos of the brand, with the bonus of my favourite essential oil which is lavender. I loved the simplistic packaging being very easy and minimalistic, and as per package environmentally friendly! Opening up the tub was definitely sheer bliss! The product inside, thick and creamy, gorgeously scented by nature.

Being crazy about coconut oil I have found very few shortfalls in using it. So, after some brief reading on Shea butter, I decided to put my Soil Shea Butter to the test!

My major problem with my skin is some small atopic areas on my body, and then some deep cracks on the heel of my foot.

I used Soil Shea Butter instead of coconut oil on atopic areas with the following results. It absorbed well, was nice, rich and creamy. The result was that my skin felt soft, hydrated and moisturised, with the atopic skin more even and balanced.

My experience from using the Soil Shea butter on my feet, in conjunction with combined foot care was also a positive one. I incorporated the product with a foot soak, exfoliating, and good quality heel file. The applied layer of the Shea Butter directly on my foot absorbed well and worn under socks overnight, my feet felt softened and moisturised, hence I found the product very effective.

The product worked really well as a massage cream, as the lavender does aid calmness and relaxation. It worked effectively on my spouse, as well as my kids with sensitive skin, without any reactions to the product. What was great was that the concentration of aromatherapy oil in the Shea Butter was very balanced.

I love the product itself, scent, quality ingredients, packaging! Lusting over my beautiful, soft, moisturized skin and crushing over trying some more of soil bath and body products as I first impressions was a really lasting one!

The price seems a bit expensive for the volume of the Shea Butter compared to a good quality coconut oil, but definitely worthwhile for special areas, as it both complements and supplements the benefit of coconut oil. The effectiveness and inclusive quality lavender oil make the product value for money.

I am a little disappointed that there are not many suppliers in my region, but the website was fairly easy to use with a fairly standard delivery policy.

Great organic product for anyone, suitable for all ages, especially effective for dry skin of atopic skin conditions, safe for sensitive skin, and a definite indulgence!

Matte Perspective

Matte finish for price conscious make-up users.

My Beauty routine is focused on a good skincare routine, to enhance my features instead of covering it up, hence I am not used to using foundation or powders.
I was, however, keen to try the Revlon translucent powder, hoping to get that finished look you see on beauty consultants.

My first impression on presentation was average. I found the plastic outer packaging a familiar sight over the years as found in many general health and beauty stores, so it did not strike me as exclusive. The packaging really hides the product container itself, which is a plain but elegant black but would suffice as package presentation.

The container opened fairly easy. It was slightly tricky at first to figure out opening the discreet bottom compartment which contains the sponge applicator. The sponge applicator is gorgeous and a good quality; both the look and the softness which makes application of the powder easy. I do however think it should have a mirror, as this would make it versatile in emergency situations for easy use.

My skin is a medium tone, with a warm gold undertone, so I found this product did not suit me, my skin did not look even, and looked dull. This may work better on my complexion over a skin tone corrector, but will also work well on cooler undertones/pale skin. It did clog my pores slightly as well, and I wasn’t too happy with the finish. To be fair, I did receive a few compliments for my skin looking airbrushed, especially in a photo.

The product is matte, so perfect for someone who wants to achieve a Matte finish. I, however, do not like this effect, as I prefer healthy glowing skin.

The product is fairly affordable, however, would be better value for money to a suited skin tone, and a more avid make-up user with a compatible skin tone, who is concerned about price and a fairly decent product.

It is also easily available in most stores, which is convenient for users.

Pure Brilliance

The name Pureology is effectively that; no parabens, no sulphates, no additional unnecessary ingredients which unnecessarily cause more damage. I find most of the Pureology range which I’ve tried to be incredibly awesome and effective!!

So, I found this gem whilst looking for sulphate free shampoo post Brazilian blow-wave, as my hairdresser recommended it; still very grateful to her.

This shampoo specifically works well at maintaining the smoothing effect needed. It enhances color treated hair beautifully as it was specifically developed for color treated hair. It lathers well despite being sulphate free. Very little shampoo is actually needed, so a bottle goes a long way. Really worked well at eliminating frizz without weighing my hair down; combined with the Brazilian blow-wave, it had a straightening effect on my fine hair. Unfortunately, was quite expensive and not a budget buy but worth every cent.

I use cost per month on products and since it lasted me 4 months, my cost per month was R72.50 per month, equating to slightly more than non-professional cosmetic shampoos found in normal retail chains. It also prolonged my Brazilian blow-wave.

Departing comments:

Usage tip: Shampoo should be use to clean the head, roots and scalp, not necessarily your hair, as you don’t want to strip the hair of its natural oils. You only need a coin sized amount lathered from the root of your hair and then work through any lather to the rest of your hair. Using this way, a bottle lasts a long way.

A real spoil is to use accompanying products in the range. I’ve used the conditioner which I will review. I can only imagine the effect with the rest of the range.

I’ve recently accepted that my hair is in fact fine and wavy contrary to straight, and have decided to wear it as such; so really looking forward to trying the Pure Volume Range by Pureology!

I really wish that salons close to me actually used Pureology, as this is a great brand!


BOLD & beautiful

I was amazed by this product. This is my second MAC lipstick. Love the BOLD color, Super long lasting, and sexy appeal. I love that a lipstick can dress up a minimally made-up face.

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