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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Beauty bargain tipsWhether it’s the world-wide recession taking its toll, the holiday you’re saving for, or the fact that your job isn’t paying quite what you would like, if you want to tighten your belt, we’ve got some ideas to help you save some money.

  • To make a soothing mask, mix one tablespoon of yoghurt with one tablespoon of honey, and apply to a clean, moist face. Pat onto your skin, leave for 15 minutes then rinse off. This hydrating and soothing mixture is great for dehydrated or problem skins.
  • If you have blackheads, try dabbing lemon on them last thing at night and rinse off in the morning. Lemon helps to lighten blackheads by bleaching them.
  • To help to minimise the appearance of cellulite, take a handful of coffee grinds and mix with a few tablespoons of olive oil, then scrub onto problem areas when in the shower.
  • Exfoliate and soften your skin by pouring two cups of milk and two tablespoons of honey into a warm bath before stepping into the water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. The honey softens and the milk exfoliates your skin.
  • Use Epsom salt as a body scrub by adding a spoonful to your body wash.
  • To fade bruises on your body, add two cups of Epsom salt to your bath water.
  • Create a body scrub with ¼ teaspoon powdered cayenne pepper, ½ cup uncooked oats and ½ cup full cream milk. Scrub into your skin when in the shower using circular motions. Cayenne helps with circulation and cell turnover and oats and the lactic acid in milk act as exfoliants.
  • If you run out of shampoo, mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of warm water and massage into scalp to shampoo; then rinse well with warm water.
  • For a nourishing hair conditioner, mash a banana and mix with two tablespoons of olive oil, making a paste; and apply to hair generously. Allow to sit for 20 to 30 minutes under a shower cap or plastic wrap; then rinse well with warm water.
  • When a facial seems like a luxury, go to a beauty school instead of spa/beauty salon for your facial.
  • To save a few rands, buy your beauty products from your local supermarket as they are budget friendly compared to department store products and most are just as good.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy products just because of attractive packaging.
  • Go for dual purpose products such as 2-in-1 cleansers and toners.
  • Always keep a multi-tasking product like Vaseline in the bathroom. You can use Vaseline to moisturise your body and lips. You can also apply a generous amount to your feet before going to bed for soft, beautiful feet. You might want to put an old pair of socks on though!
  • Buying eyeshadows that come in a trio with shades that are already co-ordinated is less costly than buying individual shadows. But if you are only going to use one of the shades, you probably aren’t saving any money.
  • Be creative and make your cosmetics work double duty – try using lipstick as blusher or mixing old lipstick colours to create new shades.
  • Shop carefully and thoroughly, comparing prices, and buy only products you absolutely must have.
  • Take advantage of discounts and special offers.

To find out some more money-saving, homemade beauty tricks from women around the world check out Kitchen Cupboard Beauty.

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Ayanda Bikitsha is a freelance Beauty Journalist. She is currently freelancing as beauty editor for Real magazine and has a monthly page on ethnic hair in Cosmopolitan. She has been requested to give talks on African Beauty; and to contribute to beauty supplements and websites. Prior to freelancing, Ayanda was Beauty Editor of True Love magazine. She is a qualified beauty therapist and recently completed a course in Spa Management.

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  1. Angelisha

    Wow now these are bargain tips…thanks

    7 years ago •

  1. foreverGLAM

    This is really true and helpful.

    7 years ago •

  1. JamieBaby

    Thanks for the awesome article.. It is always the cheaper way that can sometimes work better for one than the products or ways of certain things that could cost more.

    7 years ago •

  1. Vadapalli

    I love sales..this is one of my favorite saving tip. But one should be very careful while picking up stuff during a sale. Only buy that you really need, not the one you want,..hard ha.!!!!!

    7 years ago •

  1. Antoinette Naidoo

    I can see myself already saving money

    7 years ago •

  1. Humphreys

    Usefull article with usefull tips! Thank you. Like the adding of epsom salts to the shower gel!

    7 years ago •

  1. Le Noir Pearl

    I still have the hard copy of Real mag with this tips. I’ve tried almost all of them. The epsom salt works even on corns and calluses as my Aunt would testify. It also kills odour and athlete foot. And it leaves feet beautiful soft and clean

    7 years ago •

  1. Zu

    Love the tips on blackheads, cellulite and the use of SALT which for us asians is one of the most important elements in life.
    Buying products that are must have only is easier said than for me.
    Fantastic article!

    7 years ago •

  1. Maria Meyer

    I follow these instructions whenever shopping, whether for cosmetics or any other products

    7 years ago •

  1. The Ferosh 1

    True that hey,we buy the same thing at chain at a fraction of the department stores

    7 years ago •

  1. julandism

    Very informative article, thank you

    7 years ago •

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