BSA Tissue Oil Trial Team Report Back

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

We all have our unique skincare concerns, from dry skinstretch markspigmentation, and aging, to acne (and acne scarring). Many beauties believe in the power of tissue oil to assist with minimising and even removing those dreaded skin conditions, so we set out to investigate the best products on the market. Our BSA Tissue Oil Trial Team tested some well-known brands and this is what they had to say:

MatsiMela Baobab Seed Tissue Oil

Reviewed by: Meecah Jacobs

Verdict: Perfect for repairing and maintaining dry, damaged and scarred skin. The baobab oil absorbs easily and left my skin feeling soft and nourished. My major skin concern is dryness, so I’m very happy with the results. I will definitely buy this product again!

African Extracts Rooibos Tissue Oil

Reviewed by: Ayanda Maleka

Product description: When I received this tissue oil I was pleasantly surprised that African Extracts had a tissue oil. Not a lot of tissue oils come in a spray bottle which I find convenient so that is the first thing I loved about this product. It fits perfectly into my handbag and also into my toiletry bag and has become an all-purpose oil. Upon application it quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue nor does it feel sticky.

Verdict: This versatile oil can be used with your moisturiser in winter for that extra nourishment. I always push my cuticles back after taking a shower and decided to use the tissue oil on my cuticles and I must say they haven’t looked better. Not only does it nourish the skin but also soothes it.

I’d recommend this oil to people with dry, dehydrated skin for use on their body and nails. Especially in areas where stretch marks are prone to appear and on existing stretch marks to improve appearance. It’s a light-weight oil, convenient and smells great, I just wish it came in bigger sizes for home use as I feel this is more a travel size. 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Justine Tissue Oil

Reviewed by: Sameera Hay

Verdict: I totally loved the tissue oil! I made use of it mostly for my face as I had some dry patches due to sun damage. It left my face feeling much softer after a few applications.


Reviewed by: Kelly Abrahams

Verdict: I’ve always been skeptical about using oils on my already oily skin. I’m afraid they may cause my skin to breakout or just make me look and feel unpleasantly greasy. My opinion of facial oils has changed since using Bio-Oil twice a day, every day for the past four weeks. Many people swear by this product, and I’m one of them too.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t very taken by the almost soapy smell of the oil. But once you apply it, it’s not that bad. The fragrance actually disappears once it’s absorbed into your skin.

I used the oil to even out my complexion, as I have issues with dark marks. I’ve long been on the hunt for the right product to get rid of this pesky problem. Bio Oil has helped my skin dramatically! Not only have the marks faded, but my skin is more soft and supple than before.

I would recommend this product in a heartbeat.

Reviewed by: Emily Rilee

Product description: I’ve been using Bio Oil for years, so the new packaging really grabbed my attention. Luckily the branding is the only thing that changed, and the trusted formula is as healing and great as ever. The oil has a slightly medicinal but rosy smell, which i’ve become accustomed to. You have to be careful though as it could stain your clothes, so I always give it a few minutes to soak in while applying my make-up in the morning or face creams at night.

Verdict: It’s such a great product and a go-to for my whole family. I use it to soften and treat my skin and especially to target those unsightly stretch marks. I sometimes even put it on my face at night and it makes my skin look radiant the next day. Love that it’s suitable for my sensitive skin!

B.O.N Natural Oils

Reviewed by: Lynn Nolan

Product description: When I received my beautifully wrapped package I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get home to try it out. I applied it to my entire body. It truly felt great and it absorbs really fast into the skin leaving it feeling soft, nourished and smelling oh so amazing!

Verdict: I have a few white spots on my shoulders and chest and since I have been using the B.O.N oil, it has become lighter. A few days ago I suddenly ran out of make-up remover – I had a brainwave to use some of the tissue oil on a cotton pad. Even the most stubborn eyeliner came off with so much ease! I am also noticing that my fine lines and wrinkles are slowly disappearing and my ugly pigmentation is becoming lighter. B.O.N natural oils is staying with me forever, I love it. It has now become part of my daily cleansing routine. I will surely purchase this amazing product!

Reviewed by:
Diana Van den Berg

Product description: The B.O.N Oils smells light and fresh. The oil is fast-absorbing and doesn’t feel greasy. Opens well, but I’m not crazy about the spray as when I press it into my hand or body it shoots out all over.

Verdict: The purpose of this oil is to reduce scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, aging skin, dehydrated skin and scars. It really makes my skin super soft. I noticed this at about week 2 of morning and night usage. I am using this on my face and body and the few dark spots on my face seem lighter. I noticed a positive change in skin.

I haven’t heard of this before, I love it and will recommend it.

I like this product because it’s non-greasy, does what it promises and firms skin. As it says liquid gold ;)

Reviewed by:
Cathleen Masters

Product description: B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil is enriched with vitamin E and contains a unique blend of natural oils such as avocado, grapeseed and rosehip oils that nourish and rejuvenate your skin. It’s a clinically proven face and body oil which sets out to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, aging and dehydrated skin.

It has a very light scent which was tolerable for me during the first trimester of my pregnancy. A bonus is that it’s safe to use during pregnancy and on infants and its suitable for sensitive skin too.


I knew about the product before receiving it for review, as I’ve come across it when searching for a Tissue Oil and purchased it at Clicks. Our current bottle had two more applications to go, so I was pleased to be receiving another bottle from BeautySouthAfrica to test and review. I like that the bottle is transparent as I can prepare for my next purchase. I will definitely purchase B.O.N. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil again to keep my skin hydrated, to improve the appearance of scars and be wrinkle-free. I also look forward to my pregnancy belly having very little to no stretch marks (or as some mums prefer, ‘tiger stripes’).

My major skin concerns were dehydrated skin and stretch marks. Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil really helped nourish and moisturise my dehydrated skin. I can see an improved appearance of the stretch marks on my thighs.

Soil Organic Blended Oil for Stretch Marks

Reviewed by: Tracy Axtell

Product description: The oil is a blend of Rosehip seed oil with Tangerine and Lavender. It smells a bit “earthy” on application but it is not unpleasant and does not linger for long. The spray dispenser is such an awesome way to apply this product as there is no wastage and you can target the problem areas with ease. Being oil, one would think there would be a greasy feel after application but it goes on smoothly and is totally absorbed. Bonus? Once you’re done rubbing an area, it’s great for the hands too! I was actually tempted to use it all over as it absorbed so well.

Verdict: Stretch marks are not going to disappear but the skin is definitely well-nourished and smoother. Post application there is a short period of warmness on the skin and just below – my feeling that the product is getting to where it needs to be. I did not experience skin reactions to this product and would definitely recommend it and use it again. Although it is for stretch marks, I’m sure that it could be used on the body for some dry patches.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Firming Body Oil

Reviewed by: Tatum Whiting

Product description: Johnson’s has introduced a brand new body oil just in time for summer. It’s replacing the well-known Johnson’s Tissue Oil, so you’ll be seeing more of these fruit-infused oils in stores near you. The packaging is bold, the spray bottle is fun and it looks great on your beauty shelf (but we all know it’s what’s inside that counts). The oil is fast-absorbing and non-greasy with a fresh fragrance that’s super refreshing. More than just an oil that reduces the appearance of marks, it’s also geared at firming skin.

Verdict: I love the idea of one product that does it all. The truth is, there are so many different products out there, it’s hard to find the time to apply oils, creams, exfoliators, and toners – while still living life. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks so I can’t comment on the results just yet, but I’ll definitely be applying diligently (seriously, the spray function makes me get slightly carried away). Fingers crossed!

Thanks to all the BSA Beauties for participating in our special Trial Team. Because the outcry for a solution to minimising stretch marks was so great, we included some products geared specifically at those “tiger stripes”. We even tried Kim K’s solution- Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks! Here’s hoping these experiences and detailed reviews help you choose the perfect remedy for your unique skin concerns.


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Tatum is an all-round digital being with a penchant for lipstick and a slight shopping addiction. After completing her Honours in Communications and Media she was thrust into the world of publishing and has since worked for some of the biggest magazines in South Africa. As a writer, editor and social media consultant, she’s all about spreading body positivity and a revised attitude towards beauty.

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