Why you should include oils in your skincare routine

Friday, 7 February 2014

The benefits of using essential oils in your skincare regime

We chatted to Jesslyn from local, natural beauty brand, Lulu & Marula, to learn a bit more about the importance of essential oils.

“We can think of many a reason why we are loving those little bottles of golden goodness. They’re lightweight, anti-ageing and super hydrating. What’s not to like? There is an oil for every skin type (yes, even for you oiler skinned gals), and we promise that you will be an oil-on-the-face convert once you’ve read the reasons that make us want to coat our faces in the stuff like it ain’t nobody’s business.

Firstly, you can fight oil with oil, because like attracts like. One of the biggest myths is that oil-based products clog pores, making skin greasy and causing breakouts. But actually, natural plant oils balance the skin’s natural oil production, while decongesting skin and calming breakouts. We recommend a double-cleanse approach to cleaning your skin in the evening, for all skin types. First you use an oil-based balm cleanser on dry skin to remove make-up, excess oils and the day’s debris, before going in with a gentle milk or gel cleanser. This ensures your skin is thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the treatment stage, so that your serums, moisturisers and oils are able to work the way they should. We recommend Lulu & Marula’s Balancing Cleansing Balm – not only does it remove make-up like a dream (including mascara), but it smells uh-mazing.

Oils are effective anti-agers without the harshness of other anti-ageing ingredients like topical retinols, which can be irritating for most skin types. Natural oils are packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins that reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration, without any of the bad stuff.

Oils give you glowing, not greasy, skin. They deliver moisture, boost radiance, and give skin that lit-from-within warmth thanks to their cell rejuvenating properties. The skin’s acid mantle is constantly under attack from free radicals, pollution, stress and harsh weather. But adding natural oils to your skin protects, rebuilds and maintains your skin’s lipid barrier, keeping you looking younger for longer. And because many plant oils are similar to the oils that our own skin produces, they are easily absorbed and won’t make your skin greasy.

Oils can be added to any skincare routine, which not only gives your skin an anti-ageing, brightening boost, they also act as a carrier for other active ingredients, enabling your other products to penetrate into lower levels of the epidermis. This not only helps to prevent water loss while hydrating the skin more effectively than water-based creams, oils enable other treatments to work more effectively. Use oils on their own, after a serum, or mixed into your moisturiser. You can also mix a few drops of oil with your foundation for additional skin care benefits and a glowing, dewy finish.

For a lavish skin treatment that works, we recommend Lulu & Marula’s Purifying Treatment Oil for oilier skins, and Nourishing Treatment Oil for drier skins. Both rejuvenate and protect the skin from ageing free radicals, while being 100% pure and natural. You’re welcome.”

What do you think, Beauties? Would you introduce oils into your skincare routine?

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  1. MEL1SSA

    I love body oils. I use the Nivea Pampering oil in the shower and If I am too lazy, I use bio oil when I jump out the shower or if I am going out a few hours after bathing I use the Avon skinsical spray oil (it has glitter in it). It’s so luxurious and gives you more confidence than lotion because your skin stays nourished and looks sexy for hours and it feels GREAT especially after you shave your legs.

    5 years ago •

  1. Ruweida

    I’m afraid of using oil based products on my face because I’m scared it will cause breakouts.

    6 years ago •

  1. Charlie

    Great article. Very keen to try the Lulu & Marula’s cleansing balm. Will have a look at their Purifying Treatment Oil too. That may be just what my skin needs.

    6 years ago •

  1. Pseudo_kate

    I admit that I used to think oily products was a no no for my combination skin but I was proven wrong and find that it’s just a matter of testing stuff until you find what works for you. I love using oils on my body, especially in winter when I tend to suffer from very tight and itchy skin. A combination of using lukewarm water when showering, drinking a lot of water and using oils has made that a thing of the past for me.

    6 years ago •

  1. CherylGD

    A very interesting, informative article but I remain sceptical using essential oil on my mature but combination skin. I’ve had such bad experiences in the past with them especially greasy looking skin, that I steer away from them completely. I supplement a lot with omega 3 in my diet and vitamin intake and my skin is in excellent condition so not going to rock the boat now

    6 years ago •

    1. Jesslynn

      Hi Cheryl, I understand your concerns about using essential oil on your mature yet combination skin, however they are very effective for your skin type when diluted with natural carrier oils. All of our oil products have an essential oil concentration of about 2%, so there is no need for concern over any sort of harsh reaction on your skin. If using 100% natural oils, you shouldn’t have any greasiness as they absorb into the skin very effectively. You would actually be a perfect candidate for our Purifying Treatment oil, it’s packed with anti-oxidants to treat and prevent further damage, while its anti-bacterial properties help to heal and prevent blemishes. It’s lightweight and most definitely non-greasy!

      6 years ago •

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