YSL’s new anti-ageing formula

Friday, 6 July 2012

YSL's new anti-ageing formulaIn the words of Yves Saint Laurent himself, ‘Youth is a state of mind that cannot live without science.’

One chilly morning in Camps Bay, BeautySA and a few other digital editors were introduced to glycobiology by the Yves Saint Laurent team. Glyco-what you may be thinking. We were too! Simply put, glycobiology is the study of the structure, metabolism and biological role of glycans in living beings. Still scratching your head? Let’s dig a little deeper…

Glycans are found on the surface of cells and work as vital keys unlocking cells to ensure regeneration messages are transmitted in a targeted manner.

Your body is constantly sending regenerative messages to your cells. But as we age, these messages are interrupted because the quantity of glycans diminish. Which, in turn, means your cells become locked and do not receive these messages to rejuvenate anymore. That’s when we start seeing wrinkles and loss of tone.

When applied to your skin, the active ingredient in YSL’s Youth Liberator range, Glycanactif, unlocks these cells to stimulate the reception of youth-promoting messages.

Let’s use a real-life example… Say you’re listening to the radio as you’re heading into a tunnel (age). Slowly you start to lose the radio signal the deeper you drive into the tunnel. This signal is increasingly interrupted by static, until you pretty much have no signal and all you’re listening to is white noise (wrinkles and loss of tone). But if a transmitter (Glycanactif) were to be erected inside the tunnel, the signal would be boosted and you’d be able to hear the messages on the radio again (regenerative messages are sent to the cells again).

YSL Forver Liberator formula

What they say:
Under the influence of Forever Youth Liberator textures, the skin is instantly evened out, glowing and radiant. Day after day, the skin of your face is more toned, firmer, smoother and suppler. It is visibly rejuvenated.

YSL have created a four-step ritual that includes the eight products in the Forever Youth Liberator range.

1. Purify
Cleansing foam, 150ml, R395

A delicate cream, which transforms into a dense, fine foam upon contact with water, in the manner of transforming textures.

2. Prepare
Lotion, 200ml, R425

An ultra-gentle lotion, which prepares the skin for the anti-ageing efficacy of Forever Youth Liberator skincare products.

3. Activate
Serum, 30ml, R850

This elixir has the highest concentration of Glycanactif in the range to stimulate regeneration deep within the skin and boost youth-promoting functions.

4. Treat
Nutri Creme, 50ml, R925

A rich texture developed from coating waxes and biomimetic fats from intercellular lipids with a high concentration of humectants, this nourishing cream is suitable for dry skin.

Eye Creme, 15ml, R595

A ‘stretch texture’ designed to re-contour eyelid volumes as soon as it is applied.

SPF 15 Creme, 50ml, R925

A cream that protects skin from daily sun exposure and is suitable for all skin types.

SPF 15 Fluid, 50ml, R925

This protective fluid is suitable for normal to combination skin. It envelops the skin with a lightly coating satin-like film.
Now while it’s unrealistic to expect you use all the products, the star product in the line is the serum.

What we say:
‘With the highest concentration of Glycanactif being in the serum, I just had to put it to the test. I have a frown or expression mark in between my eyebrows, which I’m not too happy about. I mean who wants wrinkles on their face? I’m not one to go for botox treatments, so my only hope for now is to try prevent it from worsening, and of course treat it. As we know these powerful glycan’s can reawaken youth activating cells below the skin’s surface and transform the appearance of your face. After a week of using it my skin felt plumper than usual but the line was still very visible. So I never gave up and carried on applying this serum religiously. After a month of using it, I can happily say that my line is slowly disappearing and I can see an improvement in the firmness of my skin. My skin is glowing and hydrated.
‘The beautiful light gel texture is easily absorbed into ones skin. Definitely a hero in my eyes!’

The YSL Forever Youth Liberator range is available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

Check out the slick concept video.

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Megan Kakora has helped launch the websites of, and been the online editor for, some of South Africa’s biggest glossy magazines. She believes in less-is-more, except when it comes to her collection of nail polish colours.
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  1. Hess

    Sounds fantastic, but so expensive!!!

    6 years ago •

  1. Maddy

    Love the look and the theory behind it, maybe would give them a try.

    7 years ago •

  1. Mpbutterfly

    Wow! This looks so pretty in pink! Love it!!

    7 years ago •

  1. Cat

    I love YSL packaging, always looks so elegant. I know it is pricy but looking forward to trying it out

    7 years ago •

  1. Maria Meyer

    Don’ t we all wish we had unlimited funds so that we can purchase these great products! Would have loved to be able to try these products, though!

    7 years ago •

  1. Tanya

    Great gift to get for my moms birthday

    7 years ago •

  1. Clarad

    I’m always sceptic when I read phrases like ‘new anti ageing’ or ‘Forever Youth”! I am curious to read the detailed list of ingredients…

    7 years ago •

  1. Charne

    Wow, pricey stuff. Hope its worth it.

    7 years ago •

  1. Chicara

    Such pretty packaging. Just looks expensive. Would love to try these, they sound fabulous.

    7 years ago •

  1. Botes

    Wonderfull!!!!!! Serum sounds like a natural miracle in a bottle!!!!! I need to get my hands on one of these babies!!!!!

    7 years ago •

  1. joubert

    Beauty what can i do to have this amazing cinderella products, i will serve you tea and clean the offices, wow the merchandise is so beautiful and colour is gorgeous, please give us a competition on these products, i will remember you in my will.

    7 years ago •

  1. DIVA

    These products are quite pricey, they better work magic on my skin.

    7 years ago •

  1. landman

    Oh the colour of these products are calling me so lay my hands on them, it gives you a feeling that you have to have it, really amazing display, pity some of the products are very pricey, but i love to just look at them.

    7 years ago •

  1. McConney

    More expensive than other high end skin care brands. Love the purple packaging though!

    7 years ago •

  1. CarolynMcM

    I also have a frown/expression line on my forehead that I would like to treat. I’m glad I read this article, cause it seems like using the serum will make this possible! I think that I will definitely give the Serum a try.

    7 years ago •

  1. Zu

    Okay @ EDGARS… Hahaha so excited that i didnt notice it.

    7 years ago •

  1. Zu

    Oh!!! I cant wait to finish my Lancome’s Now!
    Is it available here?

    7 years ago •

  1. Steenkamp

    The Products is quite expensive, but this article makes me want to go and buy it

    7 years ago •

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