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Friday, 18 October 2013

Justine Fortigrain

Enhances radiance by accelerating cell renewal. Delivers optimal levels of nourishment and moisture to help restore skin’s natural radiance and vitality, improves skin’s smoothness and firmness after 14 days, improves skin’s elasticity after 7 days and provides a 24-hour moisturisation effect*. (*Based on a clinical study)

Price: R300
Availability: A sales representative near you – call 010 205 5000

What we say:
I was very excited to try the Fortigrain Revitalising Solution by Justine as it has so many great reviews and really sounded like an amazing product. I definitely was not disappointed! The products itself has no fragrance so it does not compete with any perfumes or body sprays and has a soft oily texture. It however is not oily nor does it make your face feel oily. It comes with a spray nozzle and is perfect handbag or toiletry bag size. My moisturiser goes on easily after applying the product and my face has been feeling very soft and much firmer after using the product twice daily. My skin is also more moisturised which has really worked in my favour as my skin was feeling quite dry. The product seems to be lasting quite long too, which is great! I’ve been using it for nearly two weeks now and it is still about three quarters full. This is definitely a product for anyone whose skin needs a boost just in time for summer. This product will most definitely be on my beauty shopping list in the future.

How childlike excited I became when I was chosen for this review – and precisely at a time when my skin suffered unnatural winter dehydration loss which made my skin appear dehydrated and unhealthy.  Based on word of mouth discussions I’ve had, I have been made to believe that Justine products are true value for money. I do think for longevity and price, face products should at least give you sufficient product application volume to last you over a month. The bottle itself is amber coloured and compact making it a great product to carry around in your bag or on the go. I decided, due to my problem areas (being the skin below and above my cheek line – creasy skin) to apply the product in the morning and at night. My other impression was that the spray pump works great for easy and sparing application.  I’ve accustomed myself to three pumps per application. Initially the product appears to very watery but proves its worth when massaged into the skin on the face area. I’ve used the product for over a week now and creasy lines have now disappeared and I am beyond impressed, as products/manufacturers do not always live up to their promises. I found it even more pleasing when a lady mentioned that my face tone and texture is evident of punctual care and maintenance. This is a definite “must have” moisturiser for summer simply for its easy application.  It has a neutral smell which doesn’t offend or overpower and its non-greasy after effects and smooth residue on the skin make it the perfect all season moisturiser. I would recommend this product to anyone who has loss of moisture as their main concern and I will definitely be replenishing when the product is finished.

My first impression on opening the package was it is so small. I like the brown colour of the bottle; it reinforces the concept of “grain” from the name “Fortigrain” in your mind. On my first use I discovered it has a spray mechanism with a subtly sweet wheat smell. I have extremely dry skin after washing my face around my nose, cheeks and forehead. Whenever I use a moisturiser on my face my skin is, thereafter, very oily so I usually skip moisturising. After applying Justine Fortigrain Revitalising Solution on my face and neck I noticed that the dry patches had been moisturised and my face wasn’t oily after application. I have tried many well-known cleansers and moisturisers and I have never been satisfied with the products. I have been using Justine Fortigrain Revitalising Solution for a week and I must say that I am very pleased with the product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a combinational skin type. I have barely made a dent in the amount of Solution used … I guess first impressions can be mistaken.

The Justine Fortigrain Solution came in a small white box, and the bottle itself was rather small, 15 ml, and sleek, in a brown translucent bottle with a silver cap. It had a spray nozzle, which I didn’t really like. I don’t enjoy spraying anything directly onto my face, and felt like I wasted product when first spritzing it onto my fingers. The product itself is a clear and watery liquid that easily spread into my skin and absorbed fairly fast. It has a subtle fragrance, which I quite liked. My skin felt smooth and plump after applying it, and I waited a minute or two before applying my moisturiser. My skin definitely feels firmer, and I can see a slight difference in the elasticity, however it isn’t really noticeably smoother or more radiant. I do like the product, but I am not sure if I would buy it. Although there was a slight improvement, it was very subtle, and I feel there might be a different product better suited to my skin.

It has a Light smell and a smooth/silky feeling. The package opens easily and it is a nice small size. The bottle will last for a month if I use it correctly. I feel a change and it’s noticeable that my skin has improved. The texture feels tighter, firmer and looks different. I would definitely buy it. I recommend it for people 40years and older. The product works very well.

When I heard that I would be reviewing a Justine product, my inner blogger immediately started jotting little notes on what to look out for. Besides the obvious excitement about the opportunity, I was also excited about receiving a quality product and I was elated to find that it was a facial product. After only reading the instructions as far as “Apply at night on clean skin” I ripped open the package and sprayed two sprays of the Justine Fortigrain Revitalizing Solution into the palm of my hand and applied to my skin…. During the day… at the office (who cares?). That night, again – two sprays in the palm of my hand and applied it directly to my skin. I’ve been using the same facial products over and over again, hoping something would change. But after using the Justine Solution I have noticed that my skin looks more even, the tone is brighter and the oiliness has lessened. It has, most certainly, done what the name says it does: Revitalise. I like that a little goes a long way – I received a 15ml bottle and after three weeks of using it religiously I only made a slight dent in the level. I also love the clean, fresh smell and that it’s a watered down oily texture that doesn’t grease up your face. A word of caution – but this might just be me – even though it has a deodorant-like spray nozzle it does not mean that you can spray it directly onto the face. I have tried it a couple of times but it ends up burning my eyes instead, so save your solution and spray it in your hand and then apply to the face. It absorbs easily and you can apply your normal moisturizer afterwards. It’s a low maintenance, high result product that has taken president in my nightly beauty routine – it’s great!

Justine fortgrain smells strong and good. It feels smooth and oily, yet leaves your skin feeling natural and gives your skin a great feeling. It comes in small, firm packaging and opens easily. It makes my skin feel alive. No one has noticed that I have been using it but I have shown a friend and the comments were good about my skin texture since I have been using it. The purpose of Justine fortigrain is to nourish, moisturize and help improve the quality of the skin. Justine fortigrain has helped improve my skin; it has helped clear marks on my face and softens my skin.It last a long time, as little goes a long way. I would recommend it as it has worked for me.

The product promises to “Help to improve skin texture, radiance and vitality”. After using this product for a week my skin does look and feel smoother. My pores don’t seem so enlarged and prominent. The product sprays on very easily and seems almost like water with no strong smell. I would not recommend using this product with your makeup during the day if you have oily skin. The makeup will just slide off and before midday you will have to put all your makeup back on. It is perfect for your nighttime routine and for people with dry skin. After cleansing and toning, spray the solution on, wait a minute or so and finish off with your cream. I would definitely buy this product.

I was excited to receive the Justine Fortigrain Revitalising Solution. It has the same function as a serum, to be applied in addition to your moisturiser. The instructions advise to massage a small amount into your face and neck, this however proved to be quite difficult as the solution is not as smooth and silky as you would expect a serum to be. It is rather sticky and massage would not be the right word, more like apply. I felt the spray pump might cause you to use too much but after 2 weeks the level of liquid has barely fallen. For this reason alone I would rate it as good value for money. It spread more easily on your face if you still had a bit of moisture on your face from cleansing. It definitely has a wheat smell followed by a clean soapy smell, both quite pleasant. It stays a bit sticky on your face for about 10 or so minutes after application but after applying moisturiser its fine. It’s so moisturising though that you almost do not need moisturiser on top of it. So I would not use a very rich moisturiser on it. Although super-moisturising it’s not oily at all nor does it leave any residue on your face so it does not interfere with your make up application or its staying power. After two weeks I must say my face looks dewy fresh, baby soft and as perfect as I think it could be with minimal effort. I experienced no breakouts using this product and my fine lines around my mouth and eyes are almost totally gone. I can see no drawback in this product and should I have the R350 to spend I will definitely consider purchasing it again.

When I received the package for the Justine Fortigrain Revitalizing Solution I was a bit surprised at the size of the package it was so small, but I later realized that one doesn’t use as much as a cream. And it’s really cool to just pop into your bag, not that one even need to reapply during the day. Once I opened it I could smell the fresh fragrance, I am still trying to distinguish whether or not it’s an aqua mist or a facial oil. The spray nozzle allows one to spray directly on the problematic areas. It is light and absorbs quickly into the skin… Skin feels refreshed and free of any dryness and plumps up immediately. Those tight patches around my mouth and forehead immediately smoothed, out leaving me looking radiant the whole day.  I even used it on my husband. He has a combination of dry and oily skin and he said the Solution didn’t make his skin feel oily at all. It’s really an amazing product and I would definitely go out and try the rest of the range.

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