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Monday, 14 October 2013

Justine Tissue Oil Gold

Introducing Justine’s most intensive Tissue Oil ever for face and body. Clinically proven to even out skin tone and fade dark spots in just 28 days.

Size: 100ml
Price: R385

What we say:
I had the wonderful opportunity of trying the Justine Tissue Oil Gold. As we are all well aware, when it comes to tissue oil, Justine is the winning brand – hands down! Justine has been around for many years and I feel so honored to be one of the first few to try out their new product. I love that this product does not leave an oily residue on my skin. It actually felt as though my skin was so thirsty that it absorbed all of the product. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle, which is also a handy size so it’s easy to carry around! It’s great to use during the day as it contains an SPF25. I love that it has a pump so it makes it easier to use. It’s a great product to use on your hair, I left it overnight and washed it the next morning and found my hair to feel so soft and exquisite. This product has definitely been upgraded, I use this as an all-over body treatment and it works like a charm as it contains ingredients such as almond oil & vitamin C. Say goodbye to all your scars & say HELLO to clear & radiant looking skin. You can have great skin too; all you have to do is just get yourself the Justine Tissue Oil Gold.
– Afroz

My skin took quiet a beating this winter so I was excited to try out the new Tissue Oil Gold. It is a skin repair oil which contains SPF 25, vitamin C & almond oil. It comes in a cute glass bottle with gold detail on the rim with a pump lid for easy dispensing. This also helps you not to use too much. It is also small enough to fit in your handbag. I suffer from eczema & very dry skin which caused me to have blemishes on my face, so I decided to treat my face with it every morning. The texture is thick & smooth with a light rosy scent, perfect for my dry sensitive skin as the scent did not even irritate it. From the first day my face has been moisturized & plump. Blemishes are still visible but one application & my face is moisturized all day. I usually wake up with flakes of dry skin this has stopped since using the oil. It is a bit pricey for the small bottle but it is worth it. I would recommend it for anybody with very dry skin or skin that needs to be repaired.

Have you ever wanted to use tissue oil to even the skin tone on your face daily, but couldn’t because of the sun? Justine Tissue Oil Gold takes care of that with an spf25, and it is not greasy at all. The oil is not extremely runny and a little goes a long way. The bottle is really pretty too. This orange looking oil gives my skin a lovely glow, and I have used it alone without any make up on. When using makeup I tried it both with and without a primer. I find that without a primer it made my make up a bit oily looking, but nothing a little translucent powder couldn’t fix. With a primer it was perfect, my skin looked amazing, it was glowing from the first layer, to the top. I would recommend this to nourish your skin, even if you do not have uneven skin tone, or for old/new scars. With regards to scars and uneven skin tone, more than 2 weeks is needed to see a difference, so I can’t tell yet, but my skin does feel and look smoother. Because this is oil, I would be wary of using it on acne prone skin. Although, I have enlarged pores that easily get clogged, this oil didn’t clog them at all. This is only meant to be used in the day, so remember to treat your scars or uneven skin tone with an additional product suitable for night use.

I have being using the Justine Tissue Oil Gold for the past two weeks and I have been very impressed. The packaging and the bottle itself has a very classy look. The smell of the product is absolutely lovely and something I did not expect from an oil product. I just used this product on my hands and face, as it seems too exclusive to use on the whole body. I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied it as I was expecting greasiness, but this was not the case. The product was almost instantly absorbed and left no greasy residue. I applied it before my make-up in the morning and after showering at night. I love the way it makes my skin feel silky and smooth. As I am starting to show signs of age-spots I am sure this product will be a bonus as summer approaches. It protect my skin from more spots and reduce the colour of present spots. I love this product and would certainly buy it. It is definitely a must for the mature skin.

Now I have tried many tissue oils but I have never really seen results because I tend to not use products over a long term as I like quick results, so I forced myself to use this ever since I received it. To be honest, I still haven’t noticed any results as the claim is “results within 28 days” so it’s really a long term treatment. I love the scent of this oil, it smells powdery sweet. It also completely absorbs into my skin leaving it moisturised, but not greasy. What I like most about this tissue oil is that it is so versatile! You can use it on your body and on your face, during winter or summer months. What fascinated me the most about this was that it has a built in SPF 25 and it says that it can be used as a sunscreen. Obviously having an SPF means that it would not be good idea to use at night which is when I like to do hectic skin routines and in the morning I just slap on a BB cream and run out the door. So I use this really as a highlight to give me a glow on my cheekbones and use it as a sunscreen. I was very impressed with the packaging, it comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump so no unwanted spillages.

My obsession with Justine Tissue oil started many years ago, when a gorgeous model confessed to me that she used this “holy grail” tissue oil every evening. Her flawless skin radiated with health and she looked gorgeous. So, imagine my excitement when I heard that I was going to be sent a “better version” of this cult tissue oil with added benefits such as evening of skin tone. Better still Justine is a proudly South African company, which has been around for many years. I was a little skeptical at first as I assumed that the skincare promises was merely a hype. The glamorous bottle containing precious oils was inviting and I decided to try this trusted product every evening. A few drops of this sweet smelling oil nourished my skin and left it feeling hydrated and soft. When I looked in the mirror the following morning, I was surprised to see how well rested I looked! I knew right then that this precious skincare treat would become part of my daily regime. I was happily surprised to see that this amazing tissue oil has a SPF of 25 as well! That’s truly impressive knowing that I have a powerful multi-tasking product in my hands. I have an unsightly scar, which I earned from my love for dodgem cars, that’s been on my nose forever. I can honestly say that massaging Justine Tissue oil Gold has significantly improved the look of that scar! So yes, this miraculous tissue oil can be used by both young and old and is certainly not only reserved for supermodels. A few drops can certainly change your life forever. My skin is truly grateful to have met with this miracle oil and I know that I will pass the Justine legacy on to future generations!

Tissue oil has never really got me very excited because they very seldom deliver on what they promise, however, I was proven very wrong with the Justine Tissue Oil.  Firstly the bottle is so gorgeous, you want to display it on your dresser, looking like a beautiful bottle of designer perfume.  The liquid is pink and the fact that it comes in a pump bottle is really a plus for me as I often find with the squeeze bottles it comes streaming out and you end up with way more than you need. There is a subtle fragrance that once applied you can smell ever so slightly, but it is such a refreshing clean smell that it immediately makes you feel great. I religiously used it every night for 6 days morning and evening on my face, reason being is that the winter is no good for my skin leaving it very dry and I can honestly say that I can see a difference. My skin is brighter and I don’t have any dry skin at all on my face so I can wear my foundation with confidence and not worry that I look as though I am shedding my skin. Great buy for all ladies, use on its own or you can mix with your own body lotion to add some extra moisture for dry skin.

Justine Tissue Oil Gold is superb. It’s ideal for…well, everything! It comes in an easy to use non spill dispenser. It can be use on your whole body and face. After using this product I don’t need different creams, lotions or products for every problem anymore, it is so versatile. With a high concentration of oil-soluble vitamin C, it is great to be used for wrinkles and ageing skin. It helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and uneven skin tone or simply just for a great moisturizer for dehydrated skin. To top that off it offers SPF25. What more can you ask for? I’ve been using this product twice a day for a week on my face and tummy. Although it is way to soon to lighten my stretch marks or even out my skin tone, it has made my skin soft, supple and hydrated. My face has a natural glow and does not look oily at all. And I didn’t get any breakouts from using this oil. It is a light, non-greasy, smooth formula, which completely absorbs into your skin. You only need a little bit at a time, so it will last for long. It has a light citrusy scent, which is just heavenly. I would definitely recommend this to every lady; it can be used for every skin type and age group. I can definitely see a difference in such a short time, you will too.

I was truly grateful to have the opportunity to review Justine Tissue Oil Gold. I would have to give it a 6 out of 10 though as I did not really see tangible benefits in the product in the short time I’ve used it. I haven’t really noticed any of the claims, but again, I believe that I do need some more time using the product to generate a valuable opinion. What I like about the tissue oil though is that it feels “concentrated” – it not as thin as other tissue oils so you would obviously use less of this than you would of regular tissue oils. It also hasa great SPF 25 strength, which is always a plus, as we know how harsh the South African sun can be. I feel like this can last me for at least 6 weeks, as I have been using it on my face and arms and have around two thirds of the bottle left. That being said, a good product so far.

I was immediately impressed by the beautiful packaging of the Justine Tissue Oil Gold…. it is classier than any other packaged Tissue Oil I’ve ever seen or used. It boasts femininity. I found the product was soft and velvety and very smooth on my sensitive skin. I have also been told that my skin appears to be clean and clear. The fragrance is delicate and soft and has a very clean smell. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family, it is affordable and definitely has made a noticeable difference to the appearance of my skin. – CindyWhen I received the package I was really impressed.  The box is white with gold cut out flowers.  It’s a heavy frosted glass bottle once again finished off with gold.  It looks luxurious and expensive. The most important part, the tissue oil itself…. Yes, wonderful! It smells fresh and clean. While tissue oils can leave your skin more oily than you want, this one moisturises your skin just enough. Although tissue oils are mostly used to lighten scars and dark spots, Justine’s Tissue Oil Gold can also be used as a facial moisturizer.  They’ve incorporated an SPF of 25, which just takes this product up a level. It will leave your skin feeling moisturised and luminous the whole day. You can apply your makeup right after, no need to wipe off excess oil as it seeps into your skin. You can also use it before you go to bed, as it will work its magic while you sleep. After a few days use my skin feels moisturized and healthy. My scars have not diminished visibly, but the skin feels softer and more flexible than before. This product may seem more expensive than others that claim to do the same, but I wouldn’t blink to pay for Justine’s Tissue Oil Gold. This is one of the best products I’ve come across in a while. I will definitely keep using this product.

When I first saw the packaging I was drawn to it, as it’s very beautiful and attractive. The bottle is absolutely elegant and serves as a great display on my dresser. I must say the tissue oil itself is of great substance; it doesn’t run and doesn’t have that dry feel I’ve noticed with other tissue oils. It has a pleasant scent that is not overpowering and it doesn’t have a fowl taste for the odd instance it lands on your lips. After using the product for a week I noticed my skin’s radiance as did people around me. It works well with makeup and I’ve noticed blemishes appear lighter. The best part is the SPF 25, so I don’t need additional sunscreen. I especially appreciated it while hanging the laundry as I was exposed to the sun. I love this product and it is now part of my beauty routine. This product is truly an expert with skin repair and from now on I’ll be ‘living my life like its golden’ with Justine Tissue Oil Gold.

I was immediately impressed by the beautiful packaging of the Justine Tissue Oil Gold…. It is classier than any other packaged Tissue Oil I’ve ever seen or used. It boasts femininity. I found the product was soft and velvety and very smooth on my sensitive skin. I have also been told that my skin appears to be clean and clear. The fragrance is delicate and soft and has a very clean smell. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family, it is affordable and definitely has made a noticeable difference to the appearance of my skin.

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    I live in Sydney Australia and have had the pleasure of trying your product from a wonderful friend, where can i purchase it ??

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