Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum Trial Team

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pond's Gold Precious Youth Serum

Price: R214.99
Availability: Leading retail stores nationwide

What we say:
Looking at this product, it just oozes luxury. A serum that looks and feels like a gel is a bit strange to me as I am used to serums that have a silicone or oily feel, so I was a bit worried about how it would make my skin feel after application. To my delight, the product did not leave my skin feeling sticky or tight and it absorbed very well. The gold particles leave my skin sparkling and I am not really fond of that. I can’t say that I have really experienced any changes in my skin since I started using it and I can’t say as yet if I will buy it for myself.
– Charlene

This product smells ‘mature,’ in my opinion. I think it could work with any skin type, but it states that a slight tingling sensation may be felt, and that the product may make skin more sensitive to sun, so be careful if you have delicate skin. I wouldn’t use this product every day, but rather as a treatment, so it would last long. I wouldn’t recommend it because it seems unnecessary when used in conjunction with the other products.
– Jessica

I’ve never used a youth serem before so I was pretty interested to see what kind of difference it would make in my skin care routine. The product comes in the form of a clear gel; it felt a bit sticky on application, but glided on easily and dried to a matte finish.What an amazing difference after just 3 weeks, my skin feels soft and supple. A lightened pigmentation and more evened and radiant skin tone.
– Kaamilah

The look of this serum is the most impressive of this range. After applying it, you can still see just a very slight hint of its shimmer on your skin. It comes in a clear container with a dropper, so that you can precisely control the amount of product that you take out to use. When you apply the serum, it is very quickly absorbed right into the skin, leaving a satin like silky-ness on the skin. I have only been using this range for about 3 weeks, but I definitely feel that I can see in improvement in the radiance and luminosity of my skin! And I think this serum would be the biggest contributor to this positive result :)
– Mariaan

I was interested to try out the Precious Youth Serum even though I am not a fan of serums; one infused with gold micro particles sounds too good to pass up! It is meant to smooth out skin texture and boost its radiance. I found that it did really give my skin a boost, a sort of all over glow which was really surprising. And I did find that it did not clog pores which is very important for me being acne prone. Even though I did like it and did see a small difference in my skin’s glow factor and probably would not rush out to buy it.
– Danielle

The presentation of the product itself gives the appearance of a magical youth potion, with a clear gel-like substance swimming with gold flecks in a tall glass bottle, with a gold lid and dropper to pull out just the right amount of serum for application. I found that it is best to apply this gel directly onto your skin after you have used your toner. Overall, I did find that my skin was smoother and firmer and I love the additional gold shimmer that the gold micro particles added to my skin, which was beautifully visible through my moisturiser and foundation.
– Roxanne

The serum itself is a clear gel with visible flecks of gold micro-particles – think the consistency of hair gel. I found it difficult to collect the product through the dropper and to dispense it onto the skin. The serum dries to a matte finish, which is great for the oily areas of my face, and yet not too drying for the dry cheek and chin areas. It really does leave the skin feeling plump and hydrated. The gold particles give a slight shimmer to the skin – I couldn’t help but pout and pose in front of the mirror every time I used this product. My skin is now smoother than before and I can notice a subtle but visible healthy radiance – which was a relief seeing as my initial thought was that the infused gold flakes would give me a shiny/glittery look and not a glowing look. I believe the Precious Serum gave me the best benefits and results. This in my opinion, this is the holy grail of the entire Gold Radiance range.
– Adelaide

At first I thought the Serum will make my skin feel oily, but it most definitely did not. I only apply the Serum at night and it applies easily and absorbs quickly into your skin. It really helped with my dry skin and can clearly see a healthy glow. The bottle indicates that it might cause a tingly feeling, but it did not. I really like this product.
– Marina

This product has a million dollar feeling to it and it smells divine. It goes on very smooth and disappears immediately. When I apply it I can see the little sparkles of gold on my face, it makes my skin glow and I like it. My husband has noticed that my skin is improving rapidly. This product definitely works for me and my problem skin. I have a combination skin that is also very sensitive, so if it works for me I think it could work for anyone.
– Diana

It contains Vitamin B3 so it a very good product. I like the smell as it so girly. You can see the gold through the bottle. Applying it to your skin feels so good. The dropper works very well. My skin feels fantastic after using the Serum.
– Lorraine

I was totally in awe of this beautifully packaged product. It provides your skin with an extra glow and you can’t help but feel better when you see your skin glittering. It did make me second-guess it though as my skin felt a little dry after application. However combining all the steps seemed to assist that. If anything I would buy this product purely because I am a typical girl and love the way it looks.
– Lynn

This is the most beautiful serum I’ve ever seen; it looks like liquid gold. I LOVE the dropper – what a brilliant idea. It allows you to totally control the amount you want to use while making the golden liquid look even more attractive. My skin definitely looked smoother and more flawless – thanks, I think, to the light reflecting gold particles. My skin does look nicer and feels smoother and more hydrated. I’ve not seen a huge improvement in my lines and dark spots though. But I think the effect is cumulative and will take a few weeks.
– Marguerite

This is the first time I have used this product and I have found it to be a light, easy to apply serum. The container is of a good size but it seems to me that it doesn’t go quite as far as the other products. I would also suggest that perhaps a more detailed set of directions should be on the accompanying leaflet for first time users, such as how much to use and how to apply it. I especially like the slight shimmer that the tiny gold flecks leave behind on my skin. I would highly recommend this product and will be buying it myself in future.
– Melanie

When I received Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum, I had no idea what to expect, as I’ve never used a serum before. The non comedogenic claim was encouraging. True to its claim, my pores were not blocked. The clear gel smoothes on easily over the skin, leaving it feel soft and slightly moist. The slight fragrance is not over-powering, rather adding to the feeling of luxury. I will recommend it to the mature skin user.
– Retha

Light, gentle and delicately perfumed this serum nourishes skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. The gorgeous gold flakes (which you can see in the bottle) leave your face with a luminous sheen. The serum is non-comedogenic so there are no ugly breakouts and, in fact, it helps to keep redness and irritation at bay. My skin looked even-toned which is precisely what this product promises to do. It also helped to shrink pores, which was definitely a welcome surprise. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an added boost of radiance and wanting to invest in an anti-aging product.
– Serisha

The smell is just heavenly: fresh & cool. The serum felt sticky at first, but I let it dry and then applied cream over. My skin feels free and not tight. It can breathe & feels very refreshed. The product is meant to plump the skin to rejuvenate & keep the skin younger looking and it has done this for me. I love the bling/glitter that shines on my face throughout the day as I am very into bling. I love that my skin looks more youthful & smoother. I would definitely repurchase this product.
– Jassika

I was expecting a richer serum, as this serum was a bit watery. Normally with a serum I wouldn’t even put cream over, as the serum would be suffice, but this serum didn’t feel like it did anything to my skin, expect for the small gold particles I could now notice on my face. This is then were my concern was raised as I realised the gold particles fitted perfectly into my pores… And my first concern was that this might cause blockages resulting into break outs! After a week of using this product this is exactly what happened. Week after week my face just got worse with breakouts. Instead of a radiant youthful glow, I had a terrible youthful outbreak. I was forced to stop this product and return to my normal skin products.
– Louise

The serum has a fresh, clean smell and is lightly fragranced. It is a silky, smooth, weightless gel. It is easy to apply this cool, smooth gel, which gives a slight tingling sensation when applied. The gel is well absorbed and the skin feels revived, refreshed and more youthful looking, with a slight sparkle. Lines are less visible, skin is smooth and dark spots also get lighter. This anti-ageing serum is effective as one can see the results. I will recommend this serum for all skin types and ages, as it is gentle yet effective as a more youthful appearance is achieved.
– Dorothy

The delicate transparent glass bottle with the see through gold particles makes it look elegant and classy, however, as much as I love the packaging, the dispenser is a total nightmare! The gel is watery and feels a little sticky when applied but dries to a matte finish. After using the Youth Serum I have noticed a healthy radiant glow on my skin and it also feels very soft, supple and firmer with the pore size getting smaller every day.
– Cornell

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