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Monday, 1 July 2013

Skin Republic Brightening Face Mask

Pricing: R34.99
Availability: Red Square, Edgars and Dis-Chem stores.

What we say:
The mask comes in an attractive easy to open plastic pouch.
It is quite eye catching on the front and the back of the pouch It has clear, easy to follow instructions regarding the application of the mask.

When opening the product, the mask looks like a wet wipe with cut outs for your nose, eyes and mouth that could double as a Halloween costume. It is saturated in the product, which looks like a clear gel. It is very wet and cold. I did not detect any smell at all but as the product is very close to ones mouth I did get a slight taste. It’s a slightly acidic taste.

The eye cut outs are quite small so one has to be careful not to get product in your eyes. The product would suit any age group if the concerns are loss of radiance, spots, pigmentation, dehydration and imperfections. Thanks to it containing vitamin C and E and 7 plant extracts plus super hydrating ingredients, it would be a boost and treat for anyone feeling run down, and needing to boost and brighten their skin. Natural ingredients are used with more scientific ingredients in a product that’s ben dermatologically tested, scientifically formulated under stringent conditions.

After 15 to 20 minutes the mask should be removed and any surplus product massaged into your neck and décolletage. My skin looked brighter and fresher after removing the product and felt very soft and moisturised. I did although notice some redness around my cheeks afterwards. While the product was on, I did not experience any reaction of any kind. The product is supposed to be used twice a week for the first month for optimum results and thereafter when needed.
– Rene

I think I might have been convinced… I wouldn’t have said this immediately after the mask, but quickly changed my mind the following morning when I looked in the mirror! I’ve been suffering from severe flu the past week, so my face really needed some serious pampering. But I have to be honest: I HATE fabric masks… It’s cold, it’s clingy, and it’s wet and drippy!

The mask comes in foil pouch and looks trendy. Because I knew what I was in for with a fabric mask I left the closed pouch in the basin with some hot water to warm up.

I cleansed my face and then put the warm (but still wet) mask onto my face. Now this is the part where hubby and kids run off, cause you look like something out of Hannibal! Whilst the mask was on, the only thing that really irritated me was the dripping – but then I just took a dry facecloth and started dabbing the mask with it. I soon realised this actually assisted in the mask clinging better to my face, without the uncomfortable wetness. I thought my skin might get irritated due to some sensitive areas after my flu, but absolutely nothing.

After 20 minutes I took the mask off and then wiped my entire face & neck with the folded mask, then I just sat back and had the remaining moisture air-dry into my skin. There was no feeling of sticky residue on my face after this, so I decided to leave whatever was on there, on. I was surprised after about an hour to see that there was definitely a “bright glow” to my skin – the same glow like after you’ve exercised.

Little was I to know the real moment of surprise would in fact only be visible the next morning! Oh my word – suffering from hyper pigmented skin from pregnancy hormones (4 years ago!), I couldn’t believe the results that one mask was able to achieve! I’ve had facials; micro-dermabrasion and chemical peel sessions that cannot compare to the miracle I saw on my face the next morning.

I cannot urge you enough to try this product!!! Forget about vitamin C for your immune system – get Vitamin C for your skin!!! You’ll see the reward the next morning…
This is definitely something I’m going to invest in on a weekly basis.
– Louise M

I love that it comes in a foolproof, easy to open package and that it is so easy to apply, you simply take it out, unfold it and slap it on. One minute from start to finish (unlike other masks, we all know how time-consuming the procedure can be) and it’s time to relax with a magazine :) Perfect for the busy, busy lifestyles most of us lead these days!

Regarding the mask itself, my first impression was of the velvety smooth feel of the product and that it also has a very faint smell (which is good for people that might have sensitive skin like me). I am also happy with the results: my pores looked smaller and my skin had a more even tone while feeling supple and soft. I am of the opinion that the results would be great after a month’s use as advised since I can already see the difference after a single try.
– Tanya

This mask comes in the form of a face mask sheet. The sheet is very well moistened with pre-cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth areas so one doesn’t have to worry about the mask nor the fluid coming into contact with the sensitive area of the eyes. The mask comes as a single sheet in a convenient foil pack. The size lOcm in width and 15cm in length which enables easy packing where space is limited.

The foil pack ensures that the mask is hygienically packed and that it is tamper free it also has the product expiry date printed on the bottom of the pack which will also put your mind at ease knowing that the product is still okay for skin applications. The foil pack opens easily but I found it slightly messy taking the mask sheet out of the pack to unfold it so that it can be placed on the face. Once the mask sheet is on the face, one can experience a cold sensation with a very slight tingle. This coldness is extremely re-freshening and instantly livens up the skin.

The mask only needs to stay on the face for 15 – 20 minutes and I found it quite relaxing waiting for the mask to perform its task. It will definitely improve the complexion by making it clearer, brightening it up and reducing the appearance of freckles, age spots and blemishes. The instructions are very easy to follow and there is also a warning which is very useful as all skin brightening products are inclined to cause the skin to be more sensitive to the sun therefore extra care should be taken when using the product and being out in the sun. The only factor that I did not like about this mask it that I found it to be too wet.
– Dorothy

At First glance, looking at the packaging, I wasn’t too intrigued. The display is the usual “look” any face masks have in today’s day and age. A pretty face infront, with bright, clear and even skin tone. None the less, the fact that this product has been dermatologically tested made me curious. As a face mask being part of the usual beauty regimen, I kept an open mind. However the packaging is easy to open and completely hassle free which is great!

I cleansed my skin with my face wash and toner as directed and placed the mask directly on my face. The smell was pleasant. Texture pretty much the same as any other Mask I’ve used on the market, smooth and soft. With my sensitive skin I felt 15 minutes as directed was a bit too intense and removed the mask immediately. Felt a tingle, but I was pleasantly surprised a few minutes there after. My skin felt rejuvenated and refreshed, however I never noticed any instant difference or a brighter complexion.

The Face mask is definitely a durable product, however I feel that maybe after about 3-4 times of using this product it would give the desired effect, not confident about this though. In my opinion the packaging is aimed at today’s Youth (woman mostly). I would highly recommend it for those wanting to get rid of oily skin, as the mask pulls out dirt and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, although as previously stated, using it once is just not enough to give you that “WOW” feeling. I would rate this an average product, but thumbs up for the hassle free packaging!
– Anthea

I love a good face mask and I find that if I apply one regularly, my skin behaves itself better than usual. I’ve got my skin care routine down to what it should be, but I’ve still been a bit slack with applying a weekly or fortnightly face mask.

I tried the Skin Republic Tea Tree mask a couple of months earlier and found it wonderful on my skin. This mask was no different – it was the same silky film and gooey texture, and despite it being a little bit cold I really enjoyed the process.

I removed it after twenty minutes and found that there was still a lot of product left on my skin, so I patted it onto my neck and collarbone area. Although I couldn’t see a difference straight away, my skin felt soft and velvety, and when I woke up the next morning I could definitely see a bit more radiance than I’m used to. I think with regular use this mask could make a dramatic difference to the brightness of my skin, and thanks to the affordable price, I’m willing to give it a try!
– Anien

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