Tips to protect your hair from heat styling

Get hair savvy and learn how to protect your locks from unwanted heat damage.

Ten things every bride should carry in her purse

These ten little helpers will ensure you stay stress-free on your wedding day.

Tips for saving your hair colour

Ever wondered why your colour fades so quickly? Read on...

Beautify your skin from the inside

Of course cleanser, sunscreen, moisturiser, etc. are important, but your everyday health practices also play a major – often overlooked…

The pros and cons of having a fringe

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Different wedding looks for different personalities

Let your personality determine your wedding day style…
What omega oils can do for you

What omega oils can do for you

Find out whether you really need to be supplementing your diet with these oils.
How to apply your fake tan perfectly

How to apply your fake tan perfectly

Be sun-savvy and learn how to apply fake tan at home.

Food of the month: Ravenous for red bell pepper

This fiery red food isn’t just delicious – it’s wonderfully nutritious too!

Wedding day hairstyle ideas

Getting hitched? Take some hair inspiration for your wedding day from these gorgeous celebs.

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