Advertising Terms & Conditions

Advertisements are only accepted for publication by BeautySouthAfrica subject to the following conditions:

  • BeautySouthAfrica, the publisher of, reserves the right to withhold or cancel publication of any insertion order that has been accepted. No liability is accepted by BeautySouthAfrica for losses arising from failure to publish, omission, or for publication on dates other than those stipulated by the advertiser, or for any typographical errors or mistakes of any kind.
  • Every precaution will be taken to ensure the correct publication of all advertisements, but no liability will be accepted for any content errors that may occur. The onus is solely on the advertiser to ensure that creative content is supplied in the correct format. Screenshots will be supplied to the advertiser for sign-off before publication.
  • Any telephonic instructions must be confirmed in writing.
  • Advertising space on BeautySouthAfrica’s various platforms may not be used for attacking or making negative comparisons with other advertisers, firms, persons or institutions, nor may it constitute defamation, make spurious claims or offers, or contravene existing media law.
  • Should the client wish to make use of its own advertising material or content;
    BeautySouthAfrica reserves the right to specify the required material and specifications for social media and website content;
    The client shall abide by BeautySouthAfrica’s policies and procedures with regards to delivery and posting;
    All advertising material is subject to approval by BeautySouthAfrica;
    All advertising material shall be delivered to BeautySouthAfrica within the time frames as specified in the booking form. BeautySouthAfrica is absolved of responsibility for the late display of content material should this deadline not be met by the client. Content will be posted at the discretion of BeautySouthAfrica, according to BeautySouthAfrica’s content calendar.
  • Should the client wish BeautySouthAfrica to undertake the production of its advertising material;
    The client shall comply with BeautySouthAfrica’s content specifications as provided in the booking form;
    Lead times advised by BeautySouthAfrica shall be taken into consideration and should the client’s artwork or other material not be supplied to BeautySouthAfrica within the time specified, BeautySouthAfrica shall not be liable for any delay in the publication and/or display of the advertising material and the media inventory shall, despite such delay, be payable as from the commencement date set out in the booking form.
  • BeautySouthAfrica will check material provided for publication, but will not be liable for any losses or expenses suffered by any person as a result of errors contained in the material.
  • The client accepts that BeautySouthAfrica acts on behalf of the client when publishing the material and indemnifies BeautySouthAfrica against any loss or expense client may suffer or incur should any such material be changed by the client.
  • BeautySouthAfrica reserves the right to edit, revise (with the client’s awareness) and/or reject any advertising material which in BeautySouthAfrica’s reasonable opinion deems to be unsuitable for whatsoever reason, or to suspend or cease the display thereof.
  • BeautySouthAfrica does not guarantee any given level of audience for all forms of advertisements on the digital platforms.
  • When advertising rates are announced, contract advertisers can maintain their contract rates for 60 calendar days after the announcement of the new rate. Thereafter, the balance of the order will be subject to a new rate. The advertiser may cancel the contract on the day the new or higher rate becomes effective by providing BeautySouthAfrica with 14 days’ notice, unless a rate increase has been stipulated in the contract.
  • Accounts will be rendered monthly. All outstanding amounts will be charged interest at the prime rate stipulated by the publisher’s bankers. Should the publisher incur collection costs, these will be for the advertiser’s account.
  • All advertising material is subject to the approval of the publisher. The publisher cannot be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, losses and damages that occur as a result of the publication of an advertisement.
  • Digitorials and promotional creative must comply with the brand’s style, design and editorial or procedural rules. The words “sponsored content” will be placed with all commercial posts. In the case of digitorials, section sponsorships and special content hubs, the final decisions for design and overall content strategy will be taken by the publisher. However, the client’s input will always be taken into account during the approval process. The client remains obliged to pay for all advertising in which the publisher has exercised its right to a final decision.
  • Cancellation: The following fees are applicable. Please note the production cancellation penalties in addition to the media penalties:
    Cancellation within 30 days’ notice of scheduled publication – 25%
    Cancellation within 21 days’ notice of scheduled publication – 50%
    Cancellation within 14 days’ notice of scheduled publication – 100%
  • 50% of the total invoice is due upfront to secure booking. The balance is due within 7 days of the completion of the campaign.
  • A post campaign report will be issued after the final payment is received. Should additional campaign reports be required, this will be quoted for.
  • The placing of an order or contract, either in writing or telephonically, qualifies as acceptance of the terms and conditions above. Any conditions stipulated in an advertiser’s order form are considered void insofar as they conflict with the terms and conditions.

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