Advertorial: Boucheron Jaïpur Bracelet

Boucheron Jaipur BraceletIn the 20’s, during one of his numerous journeys in India looking for beautiful stones, Louis Boucheron discovered the town of Jaïpur. A mythical town, Jaïpur inspires dreams. Its name evokes escape, the softness of life, timelessness… A mix of exoticism and modernity, Jaïpur is also known as the Pink town.

In Jaïpur, Boucheron discovered an incredible bracelet, the Nauratan. Traditionally offered to Rajasthan’s young brides as a lucky charm, the bracelet is adorned with nine stones associated 
to nine planets: diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysoberyl, garnet, coral. It is the sketches made by the hand of Louis Boucheron that inspired the house for the creation of Jaïpur for women in 1994.

The new Jaïpur for women refocuses on its original message and inspiration. It echoes the alliance between the oriental sensuality of the mythical city and Boucheron’s know-how.

A true jewel, for the pleasure of the eyes and the sensuality of a caress on the hand, Jaïpur Bracelet inspires dreams and escape. It is naturally that the bottle, which evokes the bracelet, features the same codes as the eternal town of Jaïpur. Adorned in pink, the curved outlines of the bottle define the bracelet that they evoke. It has an amethyst cabochon, institutional color of the House of Boucheron but also color of mystery. As an ode to voluptuousness, the softness of its curves and its colors inspires sensuality and secrecy.

A captivating femininity caressed by light, Jaïpur Bracelet tells a falsely innocent sensuality, deliciously distinguished by a natural freshness. Like a brilliant jewel that calls attention, Jaïpur Bracelet reveals itself on the skin where it develops fully its intensely desirable notes. The sparkle of petitgrain bigarade notes heightens the natural green freshness of violet leaves, enhanced by aromatic touches of verbena basil.

The dazzling heart blends green and crystalline floral facets of hyacinth and lily of the valley, with slightly velvety fruity scent of carnation flowers. The aromatic woody accents of cypress echo the freshness of the top before being wrapped with the extreme luxury of chic powdery notes of Iris and voluptuous amber notes of cashmeran.

Enter our competition and you could win a Boucheron Jaïpur Bracelet fragrance.

Boucheron is available at Truworths and Stuttafords stores.

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