Question: 2 Questions: I Turned 37 A Couple Of Months Ago And Have Always Been Blessed With Looking About 10 Years Younger Than I Am… I’m Now Worried In Going To Start Looking My Age. As I’ve Noticed The Skin On My Neck Has Started To Age/change. What Can I Do To Prevent Even Further Ageing? I’ve Also Noticed That My Hands Are Starting To Show My Age. What Can I Use On Them To Make Them Look Young Again? Thanks For Your Help!

2 questions: I turned 37 a couple of months ago and have always been blessed with looking about 10 years younger than I am... I'm now worried in going to start looking my age. As I've noticed the skin on my neck has started to age/change. What can I do to prevent even further ageing? I've also noticed that my hands are starting to show my age. What can I use on them to make them look young again? Thanks for your help!


It is most definitely not too late to start taking proper care for your skin. As we reach our 30s we are unfortunately in that position that our skin turn-over is drastically affected and the trusty old ‘over the counter’ products are just not going to give you what you need any more.

You need to get onto a good anti-ageing regime. Preferably combining the use of growth factors, vitamin A and powerful anti-oxidants. Look into products like Lamelle and Skin Medica, for you face, neck and hands. I would also recommend that you start going for some treatments for these areas that are bothering you. You have SO many amazing options, such as superficial chemical peeling, various types of laser treatments, to mention but a few. You may even want to consider starting to have some Botox and maybe a filler or two. I would say that the very best thing you can do for yourself right now is to go and have an in depth consultation with an aesthetic Dr who is well versed in treatments and cosmeceutical product prescription so that you can have your skin properly analysed and have the very best treatment plan worked out for your skin.

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