Acne Problem

I started getting acne as adult. I am Using The Oxy range but seems like it's white acne. How can I get rid of this? I am not wearing make-up every day and try to wash my face twice a day.


Okay, I’m going to be honest with you here. Adult Acne is not something you should be trying to just sort out on your own. There is just so much that could worsen if you’re sensitising that skin (which you could quite easily be doing by washing too often if the product is not appropriate for your skin). The fact that the acne is "white", indicates infection, so this can easily be spread and again, worsen it if you’re not handling your skin properly at home. Then there are also the risks of getting dark spots where you currently have pimples if you’re not using the right products and sun protection. Can you come and see me, or one of our Skin Renewal doctors? Let us rather get you onto the right products and teach you what to do as soon as possible. In the mean while can you get yourself some Acnevelle Tablets (they are made by Lamelle), these are also available form Skin Renewal, and also please get your self a good, non-sensitising facial sunblock. If you want to get onto products ASAP, I highly reccommend Lamelle’s Clarity Range (just the cleaser and day cream to start off with), and then we can take it from there. But please, let’s get that skin looked at ASAP.

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