Question: Acne Scars

Hi In my teens I suffered from acne and now that I am in my twenties and no longer suffer from acne I have the old scaring to deal with. What would you recommend I use to get rid on acne scars. Regards


Thank-you so much for your enquiry. You have no idea how often I get asked this very question, and it is so sad to me how many products are misrepresenting what they are able to do when it comes to scarring. You need to understand that scars are a dermal injury. That means it is really deep down in your skin, and a dermal injury can not be miraculously healed by applying a lotion or an oil or a miracle cream. Most over the counter preoarations do not even contain ingredients that can penetrate to this depth in the skin. Scarring requires a combination of treatments and very active products that do have the ability to affect the dermal region in the skin. These treatments cannot be done by just anyone, nor can the required products be supplied by just anyone. You will need to contact a Doctor or Dermatologist or Medical Practise that specialises in aesthetics and have a propper consult so that your skin can be properly examined and the best course of action prescribed for your particular skin. I would be more than happy to assist you if you are in any way able to come and see me or one of our Doctors at SKin Renewal as these are the types of conditions with which we are able to assist our patients. Please contact your nearest Skin Renewal Branch and we will gladly assist you.

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