Question: Acne

Hi, my question is for my daughter. Her skin is very oily and has a terrible breakout at the moment. she has used Avon teen products but it seems to be getting worse and the scarring is getting worse. Kindly advise what she can do to try to stop the acne beside the normal cleansing toning and moisturizing routine ?


If her condition has gotten to the point where the acne is progressively getting worse and she is already getting problems with scarring and marks, then I’m afraid I’m going to tell you to get to a doctor who specialises in skin. The longer you leave this, the worse it is going to become. Once there is a lot of scarring, you are going to have a whole other issue on your hands to deal with when she gets older and the acne is gone. In the meantime, make sure she’s using a good facial sunblock every day to make sure none of her spots become excessively pigmented. If you are near enough to one of our Skin Renewal branches, I would suggest you let me or one of our other doctors take a look at her to get her the help she needs. I realise that break outs like this are not just unsightly,  but also incredibly depressing and damaging to a young person. So in my honest opinion, get her the help she needs to manage and clear this problem as quickly as possible.

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