Question: Acnevelle And Clarity

I have started recently taking the Acnevelle tablets. Initially I took 2 per day for 4 days then started noticing a tingling feeling on my face. I stopped it for 4 days and the tingling went away. I have now noticed bald patches on my beard line. Last night I took my 1st tablet after the 4 days and 2 bald patches have shown up. Also, noticed serious dryness on my lips and cracking. I only have the Acnevelle tablets, the Clarity Cleanser and HelioCare Gel. Is this normal?


Thank you so much for bringing this under my attention. I must be honest and say this is the very first time that I have had feedback like this regarding these products. I have contacted Lamelle to see if any other cases like this have been reported and it would seem you are the first! I’ve had a talk with the experts at Lamelle and the general consensus, and I must agree, is that there must be an ingredient to which you have some sort of sensitivity or possibly even a mild allergy. You should certainly not be getting bald patches from any of these products. What I would suggest is that you start to use the products one by one. So JUST use the cleanser and your Heliocare gel and NOT the tablets, and see if the problem persists. If everything is fine, then we know it’s the tablets that contain something to which you are sensitive. Won’t you PLEASE give me feedback so we can follow-up on you and see how you’re doing?

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