Question: Adult Acne And Pigmentation

Hi Dr. Maureen, I had a really awful onset of adult acne after near flawless teen years, facially. I now have dark areas, seemingly hyperpigmentation, on certain areas and my dark circles appear to be getting darker. I have been a religious user of a certain brand my whole life (Neutrogena) moving from its deep clean range to its visibly even range. I am now considering shifting to its Pink Grapefruit range. How often should you change ranges and should you ever change brands all together if you are not getting the results you want? Could you recommend your top ranges for my issues (isolated blackheads on the cheek and chin baseline, as well as darker pigmentation in certain areas of the face). People have been recommending Himalaya, Dermologica and Nimue and would like to hear your advice and see what you think a good face routine should be, based on my age and face's needs. Thank you.


I’m so sorry to hear that you are having this issue. I can certainly reccommend ranges to you, but in your case it seems to me that you need to consider an entirely dfferent route. Normally adult onset acne that happens like this due to a change in hormonal activity. So my suggestion is to rather sort out the cause of the issue by getting those hormones bakanced and then look at your skin care routine as a secondary course of treatment to help your skin and maintain your skin as you go along. Skin Renewal has got great integrative doctors who can help you with both the hormone balancing as well as advise you on the correct skin care to follow. If you’re asking my personal opinion on products or ranges, then I’d agree that Nimue is a great range, Im also very fond of Lamelle, Skin Medica, Neostrata and Skin Ceuticals.

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