Question: Adult Acne

Hi, I am a 27 year old mom of two, I have suffered with acne since I was 9yrs old and as I got older it got worse. I saw a dermatologist and was put onto antibiotics and retin-A cream. When those didn't work I was put into various creams including bactrim that can only be purchased with a prescription. When I turned 13 my mom and my doctor agreed to put me in the pill, for the acne and I had verry bad period pains so I went onto Diane 35 for many years, it helped but the acne never truelly cleared up. When I turned 21 we finally tried Roacutan and the side effects were horrible. I got mouth sores and my skin on my arms and legs got verry dry to the extent that it would crack and bleed. I was on it for 5 months before I couldn't take it anymore as no one could touch my skin it was that painfull so I went back onto the pill, except for when u was pregnant with my girls. After my last daughter I was sterilized and so can't take the pill anymore and the pimples are working on me! I have tried everything I currently use only Estée Lauder products, as my skin is sensitive and when I use harsh products it burns and goes red that includes cheap make up brands. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this once and for all, someone told me to try placecol or eucerin products, especially the eucerin as they have something called urea, will this help me? I am desperate at this point as everyone told me I would outgrow my pimples it is so embarrassing having to deal with this, my sister had perfect skin not one pimple mark or blemish and she can use whatever she wants on her skin, in fact she just uses normal soap, should I try that?


Wow! You really have been through a lot! I’m going to be quite honest with you… it sounds to me like you and your mom and your doctors have just been trying to treat your symptoms all these years without getting to the bottom of what is in fact triggering and causing this. It doesn’t help you keep treating what you see on the skin if there is an underlying problem causing all the havoc. In my opinion you need a proper integrative medical work-up, so that the cause of your problem can be ascertained so that you dont just keep on and on suffering with this same issue all the time. PLEASE do something about this. Skin Renewal has got integrative doctors on staff in JHB, Pretoria and Cape Town. PLEASE call your nearest branch and make an appointment so that you can get the correct help. Check out the website for all the various branches:

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