Question: After Reading The Article About What Your Face Says About You I Noticed That My Hubby Has A Yellow Tinge On The Lower Parts Of His Cheeks, Is This Normal?

After reading the article about what your face says about you I noticed that my hubby has a yellow tinge on the lower parts of his cheeks, is this normal?


Thanks so much for your enquiry. I’d love to try and assist you with this one, but I’m afraid, without looking at your husband’s skin, I really can’t offer too much advice. From what you are saying, I would not think it is “normal” for someone to appear yellow on the skin, no, but to try and give you any sort of indication as to what may have caused it or what it is, is extremely difficult without actually having the condition in front of me. Is there any chance you can get to one of our Skin Renewal Branches so that we can take a look and try to assist you?

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