Question: Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Hi There Our family had this huge discussion about anti wrinkle cream and if they really does work.What's your opinion?Do they really work and which product would you recommend?


Oh wow! What a question! Thank you for asking this! Firstly, we need to make sure we are on the same page in terms of expectations. If you are asking me whether there is a cream out there that can take away every line from your face and make you look 20 when you are 60… then the answer is no. If you are asking me whether we can take an aged skin, give that skin the right products and make it look a lot younger and visibly improve the lined, wrinkled and aged look of that skin, then my answer is definitely yes. You need to understand that there are LOADS of anti-ageing brands out there on the market. What you need to remember is that most of the brands that you can go and buy off the shelf in a super market or in a pharmacy contain active ingredients at a minimal dosage to prevent the general public from getting any adverse reactions. So many of those products have great ingredients, but they just don’t have enough of those actives to really make a noticeable difference. Then there are the cosmeceutical brands that are highly active, loaded with potent active ingredients in high concentrations, BUT you cannot just walk into any store to purchase these, they have to be prescribed. These brands I can say without a doubt work. I have worked with some of these brands and products and have seen fantastic results: Skin Medica’s Essential Serum, Neostrata’s Skin Actives, Lamelle’s Dermaheal, Skin Ceuticals’ Age interrupter. If you would like more technical info then please feel free to contact me via

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