Question: Apart From Skincare Products What Foods And Drinks Can One Eat And Drink To Help With Oily Skin? I’m 26 Years Old With Wrinkles Around My Eyes, How Can I Minimise This? What Is The Appropriate Age To Start Using Anti-aging Products?

Apart from skincare products what foods and drinks can one eat and drink to help with oily skin? I'm 26 years old with wrinkles around my eyes, how can I minimise this? What is the appropriate age to start using anti-aging products?


That’s quite a tricky question. In general, oily, break-out prone skin is fuelled by hormonal imbalances, or you are just genetically predisposed. Foods can only spike hormonal activity up to a point, so it’s rather about lowering the intake of extremely sugary food, and food that contains a lot of MSG’s, transfats and other additives. Take in less carbonated sugary drinks and more water. Anti-ageing is a whole separate issue. There isn’t necessarily a set age at which you start using anti-ageing products. If your skin (no matter what the age), is starting to show the signs of ageing, you can start incorporating specific anti-ageing products into your skin care regime. So if you see you’re starting to form fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, it’s time to start doing something about that. I hope that I’ve been helpful.

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