Question: Are bath products bad for you?

I've heard that using products like bath bombs, bath salts and bubble bath in your bath water is actually bad for you. Is there any truth in this? And if so, why?


Are all bath bombs, bath salts and bubble baths bad for you? Probably not, it really depends on what the manufacturer used as ingredients. You can get bath bombs made from a basic formula of sodium bicarb and citric acid blended with aromatherapy oils. Those would be great, but it’s when they add chemical fragrances and colourants that things become more toxic.

It is best to buy from a place that uses only natural ingredients. Bath salts should be a combination of sea salt chrysalis and aromatherapy oils, again, that’s not an issue if those are the only ingredients used. Bubble bath, the commercial kind is the trickiest to get in a natural form. Most commercial bubble baths do use colours and fragrances that may not be suitable for everybody. However, there are shops that cater specifically for those wanting only natural ingredients. If you buy from them you are probably going to be OK while relaxing in your nice smelling, hot and relaxing bath!

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