Question: Are you supposed to “detox” your skin from time to time?

Are you supposed to "detox" your skin from time to time? I've heard that it's good to take a break from using all your active and harsher ingredients and to just stick to the basics. What do the detox products that some of the high end brands sell, actually do?


This is actually a great question. Thank you for asking it. I would not say it’s a good idea to “stop” using your actives. It is however a very good idea, from time to time, to have a good deep cleansing facial treatment, and it is a very good idea to CHANGE your products from time to time. Staying on one range, with the same actives or the very same products indefinitely is not a great idea.  So don’t stop using products, just change it up from time to time, even if you just change one or two things every six months. You can read more on

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