Question: Arms

I swear I have weak arms. But they tend to get into shape quite easily. However, I really do concentrate on my lower body the most especially glutes and thighs and recently I have started on my stomach. Are there any full body/whole body exercises you can recommend (both with and without equipment)that will work for both my lower body and arms? I am more into strength and toning up than cardio (I still do cardio though :-))


Hi Adelaide! I’m glad you’re starting on full-body exercises: there is no such thing as spot training, and training one area of your body only wll not guarantee you results. You need to be fit all over first, before you’ll start seeing results where you want them. Great exercises for an all-round workout include:

push ups (start with ladies push ups at first, resting on your knees)
tricep dips (dip with two legs to start, then up the ante and rest one ankle on the opposite knee for a more difficult dip)
arm lifts (in front of you, out to the side, and above your head; if you don’t have weights, two 1-litre glass waterbottles filled with water make great substitutes)
squats (add weight with your water bottles or dumbbells)
lunges (add weight again as you lunge)
dead-lifts (using weights)
donkey kicks (do these on all fours, kicking your leg up behind you, taking care to keep your knee bent)

Aim for 3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise, where you struggle to finish the last two reps. If you find that too easy, up the weights, and if you’re struggling, leave the weights out.

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