Question: Arms

What are the best ways to get sculpted, toned, skinny upper arms? What kind of weight training should one do?


Remember, you won’t see results in a specific area before you have improved your general fitness and toned your whole body. That said, weight training will play an important role in sculpting the arms you want. If you need to lose mass, you’ll have to lose weight all over your body – interval training cardio is best for this. When it comes to strength training – go hard. It is exceptionally difficult for women to grow muscle without supplementation, so using weights is NOT going to make you bulk up or get big. It will do just the opposite – help you burn fat, build muscle mass (which is compact and significantly smaller than fat when compared by weight), tone and keep your metabolism burning at a higher rate. When performing an exercise, 3 sets of 8-12 reps is all you need, using weights that leave you too tired to perform any more of that move once completed. Browse the net for videos of push-ups, tricep dips, dumbbell raises and shoulder raises for examples of arm exercises.

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