Question: As A Teenager I Had A Bad Bout Of Acne Which Lasted Into My Adult Years. I’ve Managed To Get Rid Of My Pimples But Have Marks Which Are Very Stubborn. What Is The Most Effective Way To Reduce These Marks?

As a teenager I had a bad bout of acne which lasted into my adult years. I've managed to get rid of my pimples but have marks which are very stubborn. What is the most effective way to reduce these marks?


This is actually quite a common problem post-acne. Some patients suffer from dark pigmentation patches as well as some post-acne scarring. There are really brilliant products that help with these issues. What you’d first need to do is ascertain if you’re suffering just from the pigmentation spots? Or have you got scarring? Or have you got a combination of the two? There are some product ranges that really do cater for these issues, such as Lamelle, Neostrata and Nimue. But it is vitally important that you also consider some good treatments to help speed up your results. Depending on what type of marks you have, your treatments could entail some peels and some laser and if there is scarring present, possibly some carboxy therapy as well. Why don’t you let an aesthetic doctor take a loser look so that you get the right prescription for your skin.

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