Question: Asking On Behalf Of Friend: I Was In The Hair Business Years Ago. Will A Nice N Easy 6.5 Or Similar Cover The 75% White Around Hairline Without Being Glaring Or Should A Base (natural) Shade Be Mixed With It. Remainder Of Hair Is 30%, White Scattered. We Used To Have To Mix A Natural Shade When Over 50% White When Using A Fashion Shade BUT I Am Going Back A Bit! What About The Reds?

Asking on behalf of friend: I was in the hair business years ago. Will a Nice n Easy 6.5 or similar cover the 75% white around hairline without being glaring or should a base (natural) shade be mixed with it. Remainder of hair is 30%, white scattered. We used to have to mix a natural shade when over 50% white when using a fashion shade BUT I am going back a bit! What about the reds?


Hi Duncan.
The rules haven’t changed much! A 6.5 is a Light Brown with a Mahogany tone. It should be fine to use as most of these permant colours are formulated for White coverage. If you are not sure, look for a 6.35 which is a Light Brown Golden Mahogany.
I would also rather go for L’Oreal Excellence as more people with grey hair tend to use it. If the hair line looks to bright once the time is up, just leave it on the roots a littel longer.
Good luck!
Candice Donadel
MIRRORS hair lab.

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