Question: Best course of treatment for acne

Hi, I have really bad acne on my cheeks right now and I'll be going on Accutane soon. I would like to know which products you would recommend, that works best for acne, so that I can maintain while or once I'm done with my course of Accutane, as I don't want to go through this terrible acne experience again. Thank you


Hi reader
Acne is a disease of the oil glands of the skin. There are a number of causes, ranging from changing hormone levels to bacterial infections and mites. In dealing with the condition, it is vital to tackle all of the elements together. Isotretinoin tablets work by shrinking and reducing the production of the skin’s oil glands. Gentle exfoliation with hydroxy acids helps to clear dead skin cell debris and open pores, salicylic acid reduces inflammation and tea tree oil destroys the Demodex mite. Choose a sunscreen that is not oily or that could block the pores, by choosing products labelled as ‘non-comedogenic. ‘ Avoid LASER and chemical peels while taking oral isotretinoin or tetracyclines as the light sensitizing effect can make you susceptible to burns. Ensure that you follow an alkalizing diet program and increase the good bacterial colonies in your gut through probiotics and prebiotics. Natural antibiotics can be used to fight the bacteria and glutamine can heal the intestinal inflammation that isotretinoin may cause. Intravenous infusions can strengthen the immune system while assisting in detoxification. Ozone therapy can also be used to treat active infection and speed healing times. If the acne leaves any scarring or pigmented marks, these can be treated more aggressively with collagen boosting and lightening treatments. Remember that once your acne is under control, it is so important to maintain the skin and digestive system as healthily as possible.

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