Question: Best products for pigmentation

Hi Maureen , I'm a black woman in her mid-thirties and for the past two to three years I've started having dark marks on my face, especially after my 2nd baby. Any advice on which products works best? I tried Clinique and found no joy.


Thank you so much for your question. There can be a number of reasons for these dark marks appearing on your skin, but the 3 most likely reasons are probably any one (or combination of) the following:
1) If you spent a lot of time outdoors or in the sun when you were younger. Sun damage done in our youth tends to only start showing up in our early thirties… that is when we see all the spots and patches coming up.
2) If you had acne when you were younger and had that damage, and PIH on your skin, those marks can start to look worse and become darker
3) Hormonal pigmentation is very common during and/or after pregnancy.
So there are a few potential causes for your marks, and therefore there are also a few potential different courses of action in terms of treatments and products for your skin. So it’s a bit difficult for me to give you precise advice if I haven’t had a chance to examine your skin, but a few things you can definitely do to start improving the situation are:
1) You need to start using a very good facial SPF every single day (I highly recommend Heliocare)
2) You need to start using a good retinoid containing moisturizer or serum at night (There are a few great ones but I highly recommend, like Lamelle’s RA cream)
3) It’s highly advisable to take a supplement that can start treating your skin from the inside, something like Pycnogenol is a great idea (Lamelle makes a great supplement called Ovelle, and Solgar also makes a Pycnogenol supplement)
4) Seeing someone who can have a look at your skin and properly advise you with the right treatments is also a very good idea (I would be more than happy to help you if you’d like to come and see me or anyone of our Skin Renewal Doctors). You may need to consider some peels or laser, depending on where the majority of your pigmentation marks come from.

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