Question: Blackheads

I am doing modeling, and I do not like to do photoshop on my photos, how can I get that silk-like skin? As I do have blackheads on my nose and the area next to the nose on the cheeks.


Thanks for your enquiry. You’re looking to try and refine the texture of your skin over your nose and cheeks. As a model, i would guess that you have to tyr and look good all the tine so you probably cant afford to have any intensive treatments keeping you off work for too long… What I reccommend is that you start using a clarifying mask at home on a wekly basis, and at least twice a week, use exfoliating enzymes on your skin (I highly reccommend Lamelle’s Cathepzyme). I would also highly reccommend that you have a good facial treatment 1-2 times per month. This treatment should include mild Microdermabrasion, and exfoliating enzymes and transdermal mesotherapy. We can help you with all of these at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches.

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