Question: Blackheads

I have combination skin which has never bothered me but the blackheads on my nose are a nightmare. Do those blackhead strips work (seen in Clicks and are a bit pricy) or just a gimmick? It's the only part of my face that isn't clear and smooth. I've tried so many masks which have done sweet nothing to them.


Many of our patients have the problem with excessive blockages on the nose area. Most of the time we are able to improve this by simply correcting your product usage and incorporating proper “deep cleansing” treatments. Often, just including the correct method of exfoliation on the affected area, makes a HUGE difference. Most people do not exfoliate the skin correctly of efficiently or regularly enough to prevent these blockages from forming in the first place. I would suggest you start by having a deep cleansing treatment to remove as many of these blockages as possible and then maintain the results of the treatment by incorporating exfoliating enzymatic products to be used at home. Something like Lamelle’s Cathepzyme product. And then of course, making sure you are maintaining your skin with the appropriate moisturizer, cleanser and sunblock is also vitally important.

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